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Via Tundra Tabloids, a translated opinion page of a (former?) muslim woman who now lives in Sweden and decries the fact that the same mechanisms which ensured that her sex was second-rate in her country of origin, are now being put in place in Sweden... with the collaboration of feminists:

“Religion and culture are once again arguments allowed to oppose gender equality and equal treatment of men and women,” writes Sara Mohammad.


We are many who escaped from a cultural of religious repression and demands for control of women’s sexuality and denial of equality between women and men.

We came here to Sweden with high expectations of a free society. We wanted to be part of a free country that the Swedish women’s liberation had achieved. We also wanted to support women’s liberation in the countries we came from.

But today we see with concern religious forces gradually moving its positions in Sweden. We have experienced it, we recognize it, we do not want to suffer again.

Religious norms and values ​​always have brainwashed us to perceive them as something natural and desirable. In fact, they are often misogynistic ideas that oppress.

In a feminist government Swedish society should treat everyone equally. It doesn’t help for societal institutions to maintain ideals from countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

A breakdown of women and men, as in the case of separate bathing times in swimming pools, is proof of Islamist power and ability to push through old rules in the new country.

What looks like a simple solution to a practical problem is in fact a surrender to the oppression we once fled from.

The repression exercised by both male and female Islamists.

Religion and culture are once again arguments allowed to oppose gender equality and equal treatment of men and women. When religious leaders get a little finger it will not be long before they take the whole hand. We begin to get used to give representatives of the human vision to set the agenda, we do not know where we will end up.

Many have come to Sweden to live in freedom, but there are others who wish to run the country in the opposite direction – toward bondage.

Slowly but resolutely want to change the way we look at ourselves and at each other.

Separate bathing times is not a single detail, but part of a systematic and methodical work that Islamists are pursuing.

A common opinion is that “Muslim women should be allowed to live in the same way as they have always done.” Ie during Hijabs, burkas and separate spaces when they are outside the home.

But it is wrong! Muslim women have not always lived as today. On the contrary!

For those seen photos from Iran, Afghanistan and Egypt from the 70s can see that it rather has been a trend in the other direction, backwards into the Middle Ages.

Similarly, those who want to take part in Swedish history to see that Sweden has become much less liberated and open than before.

The more we are encouraged to hide behind veils, behind screens in the SFI classes and the gender-segregated communal bath, the greater will also be the native Swede affected and see himself with the other’s eyes.

Today, it is we who fled the repression victims. Soon affected the whole community."

And to cheer you up, here's two summer pics from France's Mediterranean coast:

 photo pinupmarseille_zpscvah5jpm.jpg

Per Garry Trudeau, the women in the background belong to France's "powerless, disenfrachised minority" of muslims.

 photo pinupmarseille2_zpsjiv76uea.jpg

Like lying on the beach with death at your side. Hat tip for the photos my uncle R.


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