Saturday, June 27, 2015


First Stanley Myers' Cavatina, a 1970 classical guitar piece. It was used by director Michael Cimino as the theme for his 1978 movie The deer hunter.

I did see The deer hunter, and although I acknowledge its value and cult status, I found it an atrocious movie to watch till the end. A bit like 2001, A Space Odyssey. It's there, it's there to stay, you might watch several scenes again, and again, but watching the entire movie a second time in its entirety is out of the question. Cimino's studio bosses will have been grateful, what with The deer hunter costing 15 million dollar and grossing 49 million or so, but IIRC another flick of him, Heaven's Gate, which I never saw, was such a disaster it caused the studio to go bankrupt.

The Cure with Play for Today.

Album Seventeen Seconds. 1980.

Goede nacht.


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