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I'm completely f*cked up - company chores are ruining me, but this post's got to be written. To force myself to work it out this night, I'll already publish the raw material.

In Europe, the mechanisms behind the swelling migratory waves can be broken down as follows:

a.) Post-colonialism almost all African countries adopted some form of Afrosocialism. Enthusiastic ideological support by Europe's leftist politicians and "intellectuals", eagerly grasping the opportunity to export the system of which full application in Europe was not realized due to democratic processes, was soon backed up with financial and material support, euphemistically called 'Development Aid'. Sixty years on it can be concluded that African socialism has catastrophically failed. It is true that other factors, often interconnected, have played a (significant) role too: tribalism, endemic corruption, the failure of almost all African politicians to abide by democratic rules, a crippling lack of labor ethic etc. But the basic socialist principles of a centrally guided economy, heavy taxation, protectionism and overregulation, practically ensured the permanent paralysis of African development.

Anno 2015 this translates in massive waves desperately wanting to leave the African inferno. Needless to say, the propaganda war of the left, aimed at making autochton Europeans feel guilty about the developing humanitarian catastrophe by attributing it to colonialism, "unfair" trade, and yes, "racism", does not miss its effect among the cohorts of welfare-seekers in their rickety boats. As a result, rather than contemplating whether their misfortune might not be their own fault, they eagerly accept the left's false narrative, since cloaking oneself in the mantel of a victim is so much easier than self-criticism.

b.) Islam has abundantly proven to be a catastrophic societal model. It is inherently incapable of offering its adherents, nor those who have the misfortune to live as non-muslims under muslim rule, a just society where one has a good shot at fulfilling his dreams and developing his capacities, knowing that there is at least a modicum of certainty with regards to personal safety or the continued possession of own goods. Islam ultimately keeps societies in check on the macroscopic level, while on the individual level it renders its followers into semi-brainless automatons not only incapable of critical thought but also of original, creative thinking. The only way to keep the resulting cauldron of oppressed anger under control is by harsh authoritarian rule. When the political body exercising that rule is challenged by a party matching its strength, even partly, the whole thing goes kaboom - with refugees as one of the results. Of course, even without war there has always been a considerable migration of muslims towards developed countries. But the millions now poised at Europes gates are yet another matter.

Unfortunately, neither those who came before, nor the ones now trying to escape the complete hell that the Middle East is rapidly becoming, are capable of understanding that basic paramount truth: that their very faith and their very islamic lifestyle are exactly what led to their misery, squalor and backwardness in their home countries.

And so millions of depraved Third Worlders, being themselves first and foremost responsible for their abject situation, stand now poised before the walls of "Fortress Europe". But it is a fortress of which the defenses don't mean much, the gates stand wide open, and the guards on top of the walls look the other way. Courtesy, alas, of the left again.

At the surface, it seems as if Europe is capable of absorbing the steady influx of masses of people with incompatible cultures, without either a decent labor ethic, respect for the laws of the land, or intellectual/technical skills. But the sign is on the wall, and the system is cracking. Two stories from Belgium, one from its capital Brussels and one from the northern port city of Antwerp.

The lunatics at De Standaard try to put a positive spin on it in the case of Brussels, and pretend not to know what the reason in the case of Antwerp. Here are two headers from today's articles:

A.) BRUSSELS: "POP. CAPITAL KEEPS GROWING AND GETTING YOUNGER. Three quarters of babies in Brussels have foreign mothers.

 photo Disaster_Brussels_zpslilfqlcb.jpg

"A quarter of young people in Brussels is born in a family where no one has an income resulting from a job. That situation leads to health risks.

African mothers of sub-Saharan origin have caesareans performed twice or even thrice as much as autochton Belgian mothers. The population of Brussels Capital Region keeps growing and getting younger, far more than is the case in Flanders, and becomes also more international. Half of the newborn children in the capital has a non-Belgian mother. Most often it is a woman of Moroccan origin (11.1 per cent), followed by French nationals (4.2 per cent), then Romanian (3.4 per cent) and Polish (3.2 per cent) nationals...."


 photo Disaster_Antwerp_zps6tlilngk.jpg

"One child in seven or 14.3 per cent of all children born in 2014 in the province of Antwerp saw the light in an underprivileged family, according to Kind en Gezin's yearly report [Child and Family, Flander's best known government agency for children]. In Flanders as a whole the number is 11.4 per cent, or a doubling of the percentage in 2001 (6 per cent). "These numbers prove that we must continue to support families as much as possible" says spokeswoman Leen Du Bois."

Er, no. These numbers prove that by opening Belgium's sluice gates to a million of welfare-seekers, a deliberate manoeuver to block the progress made by Vlaams Belang and dating from the beginning of the century, is having horrible consequences. "Continue to support" these families at the expense of the rapidly diminishing autochtons and their feeble offspring (around 1.37 children per couple in Flanders) will put ever more stress on our social security system until it cracks.

"Whether a child lives in an underprivileged family, is determined by checking the family's monthly income, the educational level of the parents, the children's stimulation level, the parent's labor situation, the living situation and health."

I object to the use of "underprivileged". The term implies that there is a deliberate mechanism that ensures that, say, my kids, are 'privileged' vis-à-vis the children in far too many immigrant families. Belgium is a rich country, even in absolute terms. That wealth is not the result of exploiting others. The effects of Belgium procuring cheaply precious minerals and natural resources in the Congo have long played out. Belgium owes its prosperity to a rather sturdy labor ethic among (as yet) a majority of the working population, and then especially in Flanders (good for over 80 per cent of Belgium's export) and to famously unpretentious entrepreneurs (you know about Belgian chocolate and beer, but did you know about shipping company Exmar, the dredging giant Jan De Nul, or that Besix built the world's tallest tower?). We autochton Belgians work HARD. Far too many of those entering DON'T WANT TO WORK. A truth that is as stark as it is simple.

"In Antwerp the percentage of children born in an underprivileged family is the biggest, followed by Limburg (11.8 per cent), Oost-Vlaanderen (11.6 per cent), West-Vlaanderen (10.3 per cent) and Vlaams Brabant (6.5 per cent). Underprivileged families are a thing of the cities: 53 per cent of the children concerned live in the thirteen central cities. Apart from that, the mother's nationality plays a role: 64 per cent of underprivileged children have a non-Belgian mother. In Antwerp that's even 74.5 per cent."

Again, whose fault is this? ALL traditional parties bear a very heavy responsibility for orchestrating a incredibly lax immigration policy, for pushing the Quick Citizenship Bill through parliament in an undemocratic effort to neutralize the Vlaams Belang, and for deliberately witholding information that proved the correlation of rampant illegal and "legal" immigration and rising crime rates. For DECADES, the VB has warned against the dire consequences of the open door policy, and with every passing day it is becoming clearer that they had been right from the get-go.

"The percentage of children born underprivilegd, is bigger every year, except in West-Vlaanderen (10.3 per cent). We especially see the impact on the rising number of the huge number of births with mothers of non-Belgian origin, says Leen Du Bois."

That 'conclusion' is actually priceless. So madam Du Bois notices that, like, you import hundreds of thousands of sub saharan Africans and 7th century muslims with no noticeable skills whatsoever that might be useful in Belgium's increasingly high-tech labor market and lukewarm (at best) willingness to learn either Flemish or French. So the parents don't find work, not because of racist motives (Thai are doing fine e.g.), but because THEY-SIMPLY-DON'T-HAVE-THE-QUALIFICATIONS. Next thing you know, they stay dirt poor. AND they produce thrice as many kids as native Belgians. Hey, these children grow up in underprivileged families???? HOW COME?????

"We've been working for years at better support for the families", reacts Flemish Minister for the family Jo Vandeurzen. "To that end, we realize the Houses of the Child where every underprivileged family can knock at the door for family support. The Houses of the Child are at the same time an important factor in stimulating learning the language among young foreign children as well as an incentive in kindergarten participation and involvement of the parents in the education".

In other words, your standard PC crap from fellas who should know better PLUS the umpteenth government agency for which the state will have to hire staffers. Simultaneously realizing the left's wet dream of installing the State as the main educator. In Flemish we have a saying: dweilen met de kraan open. Meaning trying to mop up the floor with the faucets still spilling water.

Notice, also, that De Standaard helpfully illustrates the article with a photograph of a white "underprivileged" individual - even though the numbers clearly illustrate that the problem is overwhelmingly a matter for legal and illegal immigrants alike.

Belgium is going to the dogs, and those responsible for the disastrous development, which is picking up steam as we speak, are still in charge and will be for some time yet.


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