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The CDH party comprise the former Walloon Christian Democrats. I say "former", because one of the leading ladies of that party, Joëlle Milquet, orchestrated the move to make the "C" stand for "centrist" instead of "Christian" - about a decade ago.

Anyway - they still pretend to take pride in their humanist stance. Which is why the party leadership prior to the May 2014 elections demanded that all CDH members holding a political mandate sign a deontological code thereby promising to "recognize all genocides of which the existence is confirmed by national, European and international institutions."

And just recently, CDH party chairman Benoît Lutgen declared on radio broadcaster La Première "that if there are negationists in his party, they will be thrown out in a second".

Therefore, last week Walloon commercial TV station RTL-TVI wanted to know whether CDH parliamentarians of Turkish extraction agree with the chairman's sentiment where it concerns the Armenian Genocide.

Enter Mahinur Ozdemir, who is both a member of the Brussels Parliament for CDH as well as a member of the City Council of Schaarbeek, one of the 19 communes forming Greater Brussels.

The following is a screenshot from the site of the weekly magazine Knack (to be sure, a hotbed of leftists, especially since the ouster of the last two somewhat center-right columnists, Rik Van Cauwelaert and Koen Meulenaere):

 photo mahinur0_zpsp3cokwg2.jpg

Translation: "Armenian Genocide: Mahinur Özdemir (CDH) walks away from cameras (video). 29/05/15 at 10:56 Better not ask questions about the Armenian Genocide to Mahinur Özdemir. The CDH parliamentarian for Brussels twice evades RTL-TVI's cameras. And this while she signed, just like all her party members, a deontogical code prompting the undersigned to recognize genocides".

Here's the relevant RTL-TVI video. Sorry it's in Fwench, but you'll get the gist if you can hold out beyond the two blokes:

Génocide arménien: Mahinur Ozdemir fuit devant nos caméras

And here is a telling sequence of screenshots I took from the video - this because that video will be gone in a couple of months, whereas the screenshots won't.

 photo mahinur1_zps3qrjlr6i.jpg

Mahinur Özdemir sitting in the Brussels Parliament, right after she has been alerted by "communications specialists" that there's an RTL-TVI camera crew present wanting to interview her on the Armenian Genocide. As a matter of fact, she's looking straight in the lens and you can see she doesn't like that one bit.

 photo mahinur2_zpstxqip3ci.jpg

She's getting up and quickly leaves the Brussels Parliament. The caption reads: "Armenian Genocide: Mahinur Özdemir flees before our cameras".

 photo mahinur3_zpsuuoad1t8.jpg

The video then shows a statement by the same "communications specialists" explaing that "Mahinur Özdemir is under medical control. Her doctor has recommended the greatest possible rest".

 photo mahinur4_zpsmxmymsrn.jpg

But 'lo and behold, Mrs. Özdemir miraculously recovered because that very afternoon, she showed up for a meeting of Schaarbeek's city council. Owww - there's that nasty RTL-TVI camera crew again!!!

 photo mahinur5_zpsmsqh1ntc.jpg

Madam Özdemir all of a sudden gets very, very sick again....

 photo mahinur6_zps53sscwsj.jpg

... and disappears down the stairs. Sorry dude, no luck again!

So much for Mahinur Özdemir's recogniton of the Armenian Genocide and her pledge, signed in May of last year. YES, we're headed for a bright democratic future with all those well-integrated Turks in our institutions.

It must be said that true to his word, Benoit Lutgen, CDH party chairman, right away fired Özdemir. This was on Friday 29 May.

But that's not the end of the story however...

 photo Demo_turks_CDH_zpssd9kcofn.jpg

... Because last Saturday an outfit called the "Union of Democratic European Turks" held a demo in front of the CDH offices in Brussels in support of the recalcitrant former CDH member...

 photo crown_ozdemir_zpscrlw8e8i.jpg

...Leaving behind a mourning crown with the following message: "CDH has killed freedom of expression and Mahinur Özdemir's fundamental rights..."

Which really is rich, given the fact that under Erdogan's authoritarian regime, which throws people in jail for daring to mock Ataturk or the Great Sultan Erdogan, Turkey became the country with the biggest number of jailed reporters. Indeed, as of December 1, 2013, it was world leader in jailing journalists for the second time in a row, with 40 in prison, accounting for around 20 per cent of the global total.

And it gets better, because that same Saturday afternoon, the "AKP Brussels" issued a statement in which it said "that it fully supported Mahinur Özdemir".

I was actually shocked that this statement came not from some group of AKP Parliamentarians sitting in the European Parliament in Brussels, but from the "AKP Brussels".

Does that mean that Erdogan's AKP already has a foothold in our capital itself???

It might be, given the fact that the Turkish autocrat only a couple of weeks ago came to Hasselt, in Belgium's easter province of Limburg, to exhort his followers to "get out the vote in the upcoming Turkish elections".

This, and numerous other incidents, should constitute a dire warning for the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER that Turkey would pose if a cabal of lunatic EU bureaucrats, among them former PM Guy Verhofstadt, manage to make that country a full-blown EU member.

We can only hope that the Turkish traitors among us keep exposing their true nature, so that possibly, maybe, a sufficient number of Europeans are able to in time block hauling that Trojan horse inside Europe's walls.


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