Thursday, May 14, 2015


As Christianity is now the most persecuted religion on the planet and Christian churches are disappearing at an alarming rate all over the muslim world, our moral betters are tripping over their feet to grant cheap ground and loans to muslim committees dedicated to building mosques. A project among thousands, via François Desouche:

"As Dalil Boubakeur, Chairman of the French Council of the muslim cult, calls for doubling the number of mosques in France within two years, certain projects are already well addvanced. At Chevilly-Larue, a building of 1,180 square metres with large windows in oriental style, takes form smack in the middle of the Brittany neighborhood.


The Association of muslims of Chevilly-Larue [a town of 20,000 near Paris, in the Val de Marne Département; MFBB], or AMC, has criscrossed France, The Netherlands, Belgium and even Sweden to collect money for the project. "We have already spent between 1.2 and 1.4 million EUR on the project", says AMC's Chairman, who does not disclose the estimated total cost of the mosque.

The ground floor offers space for 800 men, the first floor is planned for 600 women. Four study halls (for school support, arab lessons, civil codes, and the koran) as well as a conference hall are also planned. "The goal is to invite non-muslims too for cultural events"."

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As time goes by, I am beginning to find it near impossible to fathom why all over Europe our politicians, basically from all stripes, and all the way down from the top national level to town selectmen in small localities, are so hellbent - what else can you call it - to facilitate the installment of islam in our countries. The scale of the building projects, the express inclusion of facilities to help spread the muslim message - clearly elevating the mosques from being "merely" places of worship to cultural centers intended to safeguard and reinforce the muslim "way of life" - all point to a gargantuan scheme of cultural invasion. This is a movement that seeks to DOMINATE.

Two thousand years ago, the Romans conquered Gaul, which encompassed much of today's France. They enforced their culture manu militari, and no indigenous forces could stop the Roman juggernaut. In many places the locals simply submitted, realizing it was better to yield than to be destroyed.

Now, when you have offered the token resistance to save some military honor, there is actually little shame in surrendering to an obviously vastly superior culture which holds the promise - a promise on which the Romans more than delivered - of a better life under its aegis, as measured by countless parameters including some kind of rule of law, better infrastructure, superior education, vastly improved food production and so on. So much better became life for the ordinary European, from Hispania to Armenia Major and from Britannia to Cyrenaica, that the phrase Pax Romana, a period of at least two centuries of peace and prosperity in the Empire's realm unseen until then in human history, has lost nothing of its luster since it was first coined in 55AD by Seneca the Younger, a Roman philosopher and statesman.

It is another thing entirely when it's the other way round - when a superior culture surrenders to a "culture" of followers of an illiterate, treacherous, murderous child rapist.

The "culture" of islam has nothing to offer to us but blood, sweat and tears, without holding the prospect of at least reaping the rewards of the suffering. Islam can give Europe, and by extension the entire planet, only backwardness in a myriad domains, genetic deficiencies, sluggish finances, unjust punishments, destruction of vast cultural treasures, moribund economies, loss of freedom, and ultimately the stifling of what I would label "The Human Momentum". Humanity's advance throughout the ages, spearheaded by technological innovation, will gradually come to a screeching halt. Muslims are no technological innovators, far from. The best and brightest among them can grasp some of the underlying science and use that knowledge to simply use the technology and/or make bad copies. How ironic it is that the most visible exponent of the worldwide muslim 'Renaissance', ISIS, has to rely on western weapons, for they can't produce their own. That for their PR they have to engage blokes raised in London or Paris who, when among the infidels, learned the craft of making flashy videos, for the desert rats among them are capable only of making bad quality snuff movies.

It is actually heartrendering - I mean totally, completely HEARTRENDERING - when in an age where we should actually be able to expect Man to set foot on Mars in the very near future, where nanotechnology holds the promise of making passenger jets with 2 per cent of the material currently used, where widespread use of robotics in the medical/surgical field is becoming a fact, the muslim cavalry with its "centers of learning" in their plethora of new mosques, where pupils will learn NOTHING but the ramblings of a syphilis-ridden murderer, is just around the horizon.

Can you imagine the Roman Empire, with its advanced road networks, superior agricultural production techniques, refined literature, superb armies, and grandiose urbanism, laying down its collective head for a culture of barbarians who live in smoky thatched huts, still rely on merely hunting and fishing for food, and slit each other's throats for no reason in the blink of an eye?

You can't imagine that?

Look at Europe then.

It's happening right under your nose.


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