Saturday, May 09, 2015


You may have heard about the six PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) members declining to attend a gala where the yearly PEN Award for Freedom of Expression Courage was handed to Charlie Hebdo's editor-in-chief, Gerard Biard, and a cartoonist who coincidentally missed the Kouachi Bros. a couple of months back by showing up late. Said event took place in Manhattan's Museum for Natural History - not that that matters.

This is what one of the six, a mr. Carey, emailed as an excuse, stating that the award "stepped beyond the group’s traditional role of protecting freedom of expression against government oppression".

“A hideous crime was committed, but was it a freedom-of-speech issue for PEN America to be self-righteous about?” he wrote.

He added, “All this is complicated by PEN’s seeming blindness to the cultural arrogance of the French nation, which does not recognize its moral obligation to a large and disempowered segment of their population.”

Reminds me of Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau's view re Charlie Hebdo:

“by attacking a powerless, disenfranchised minority with crude, vulgar drawings closer to graffiti than cartoons, Charlie wandered into the realm of hate speech.”

Well, here's Bill Whittle chopping up their arguments:

Bloody Phucking Phools. You got to be absolutely BLOODY-PHUCKING-PHOOLS to classify the mohammed following 10% of France's population as a "disempowered" segment or a "disenfranchised minority"! Knock your head sideways on a table so that the sawdust puffs out you complete idiots. Go tell France's cops who dare not enter the close to 1,000 no go zones that they are dealing with a "powerless minority"!


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