Sunday, March 01, 2015


Something is very, very fishy in Bremen, Germany. Via Focus Online, today:

 photo bremen_focus_zps8b5opgme.jpg

The threat from violent islamists has caused a massive police deployment. Heavily armed officers patrolled through the inner city and guarded several public places. In the evening a couple of suspects were arrested.

* High danger from islamist terrorists in Bremen
* Heavily armed police on patrol
* Several suspects arrested

It gets better and better!

About one month ago, at the height of the Pegida demos, German Chancellor Angela Merkel found it necessary to not only denounce Pegida strongly, but to also state emphatically: "ISLAM IS PART OF GERMANY". Well, in a way, I cannot really contradict her, see photo below. Islam has certainly become a part of Germany:

 photo bremen_terror_01032015_zpssfdejc8b.jpg

Congratufuckinglations Frau Merkel. Thanks but no thanks to you and all the other multiculti IDIOTS for getting us in this mess. By the way CUNT - for quite some time I thought you weren't doing that bad. But you lost Outlaw Mike after that insane statement. And for good, I fear.


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CDR Salamander said...

Another multi-culti victory for Europe. Well done.