Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Via our pals at Gates of Vienna.

In Wuerzburg, Michael Mannheimer is to Wuegida what Lutz Bachmann is to Dresden's PEGIDA. Of 183 children he recently counted in a kindergarten, just two were German. Mr Mannheimer claims that in Pforzheim, a city in Germany's west, in the Saar region, 90% of all children under three years of age are muslim, from 17 different countries...

... It might be. Two of the German transporters we regularly see are from Pforzheim. Both are in their early fifties and right before last Xmas, I found out that they were both childless. Don't give me crap about this anecdote being a statistical fluke, I know what the fertility is among German autochtons, and it is well below replacement level.

Anyway, listen to Mr Mannheimer:

I especially liked the part when the crowd is starting to chant "Luegenpresse". As a matter of fact, Belgium's own Luegenpresse par excellence, newspaper De Standaard, apparently had lots of fun this week with statements made by Steven Emerson on Fox News, in a debate hosted by Jeanine Pirro. Now it is true that Mr Emerson made the unfortunate comment that “There are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim, where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in,” - but the uproar that caused has definitely had a smokescreen effect on the very real substitution of Britain's autochton population by immigrants, and then especially muslim immigrants.

Of course Birmingham is not a muslim city. YET. But give it twenty more years and it MIGHT BE. That is the core tenet in Mr Emerson's story.

De Standaard is one of those newspapers willing to disperse such smokescreens, and if sufficient gullible readers are willing to be misled, what Emerson warned against WILL come true.


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