Saturday, January 24, 2015


Bill Whittle, eloquent as always, on America's supposedly violent "gun culture":

Yes, I know. There don't even have to be violent shootouts for fatalities. This week, our "quality" "press" almost gleefully reported on the death of a two-year old Floridan toddler, Kaleb Ahles, who fatally shot himself with a gun he had taken from a map compartment in his father's car. A very tragic accident.

Curiously though, that same "press" remained mute on the number of perfectly healthy foetuses murdered in the womb throughout the States in the same week. Perhaps the number is so high it's embarrassing even for leftists?

Or not? Because they considered the defeat of the pro life bill in Congress, despite the GOP controlling it on both levels, a victory.

Leftism is a mental disease.


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