Wednesday, February 12, 2014


UNIMAGINABLE BIAS from Belgian TV, more precisely the Dutch-speaking half, the VRT (Vlaamse Radio en Televisie, for Flemish Radio and Television). Not that its Walloon counterpart is any better, far from it.

Muslims have been persecuting Christians and other religions for 1,400 years, but especially the last decade saw violent in-your-face oppression of non-muslim minorities in muslim majority - and often majority - countries, to the extent that Christians are now the most widely persecuted religious group on the planet.

It's actually heartrendering. Check out this Gatestone Institute article, which gives a sobering update of the day-to-day oppression of Christians across the world and more precisely in the Middle East. Or watch this video dealing with muslim violence vis-à-vis Christians in Nigeria:

Have we heard anything - ANYTHING AT ALL - about this appalling situation in our mainstream media, in our so-called 'quality' newspapers or on TV??

Nope. Zilch.

But now, suddenly, SUDDENLY, Belgian TV is sitting up and paying attention!!! See, it seems that in the Central African Republic (CAR) not all Christians offer the other cheek when assaulted by the followers of the prophet muhammad (Piss Be Upon him). There's violent clashes, and after taking heavy losses Christians are now fighting back and making a stand. So here and there the spoils of war force muslims across the borders, for a change.

And so, all of a sudden Belgian TV has discovered the Central African Republic, and it can pinpoint the main victims with surgical precision! Why, it's MUSLIMS of course! And just in case in case you Dumb, Fat, Spoiled Belgian Taxpayer don't get it, the VRT helpfully adds some emphasis where needed. Check out this report by VRT reporter Adam Vanwildemeersch:

 photo VRT_CAR_zps2a485ddb.jpg

Oh, and did I tell you the poor sods on that photo are MUSLIMS? MUSLIMS MUSLIMS MUSLIMS? You got that?? M-U-S-L-I-M-S?

Memo to Adam Vanwildemeersch: YOU-ARE-A-WHORE.

Sorry for the coarse language, but you only have to ponder for awhile what's on these pages and you will be asking yourself how, in the face of such blatant and horrifying facts about incessant terrifying persecution of Christians worldwide, in 82 per cent of the cases at the hands of muslims, one can still produce such biased information and get away with it.

What's wrong with people like Adam Vanwildemeersch? How hopelessly fucked up beyond recognition must be what passes for their brains? Why do ASSHOLES like him, gay-loving, pro abortion, pro euthanasia veggie types trip over their own legs to stand shoulder to shoulder with people who are their diametrical opposites and who actually SPIT on everything lefties stand for? Are leftists indeed mentally challenged?

Hat tip reader Koen Roelens.


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