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Via Breitbart: muslim youths torch 'only' 1,067 cars on New Year's Eve.

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"French Interior Minister Manuel Valls reported that 1,067 vehicles were set ablaze on New Year's Eve. The Local reports that Valls called it a "positive result" since last year the total number of cars burned was 1,193.

The destruction was spread across France with the worst concentration north of Paris in Seine-Saint-Denis, a heavily Muslim suburban area. This Press TV report is from last January but notes auto-arson was highest in the same Paris suburb last year. Press TV frames the issue as one of "alienation and anger".

The French government stopped reporting totals by region when it learned the "breakdown was fueling destructive competition between rival gangs." But last year Interior Minister Valls revealed that "between 42,000 and 60,000 automobiles are intentionally torched in France every year."

Muslim dirtbags and their leftist allies are spinning this ad nauseam as the perpetual sorry story of unemployment and discrimination. We at DowneastBlog have been covering this phenomenon FOR EIGHT YEARS and say this is simply what happens when the muslim percentage of the population is reaching a certain treshold. This is the prelude to civil war - provided sufficient frogs remain with the stomach to defend their country against the coming tidal wave of the muslim orcs. France has 10% muslims now, the result of an insane immigration policy set in motion by Charles de Gaulle, and reinforced by subsequent presidents and governments. Messieurs et madames: this is only the beginning.

Check out this video and see Europes future:

Muchos Gracias FUCKING SOCIALIST SCOUNDRELS for saddling us and our descendants with muslim cavemen. Pleased with your cultural enrichment now?

France is not the only place however where muslims had winterval fever. Here's a story from Mombasa, Kenya, via Observatoire de l'Islamisation. Two churches torched by, you know, those famous "youths":

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"MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - Police said youths have thrown molotov cocktails into two Kenyan churches on Christmas Day, in the latest episode of violence against Christians in a part of the country which is majority muslim.

Police and witnesses said that the churches in the port city of Mombasa were attacked in the small hours of December 25.

The police has not arrested any suspects but has explored the possibility that the attacks were launched by militant muslims or by the Mombasa Republican Council ( MRC ) , an illegal movement which aims for the secession of Kenya's coastal region.

Many muslims of Kenya's coastal region along the Indian Ocean say they are marginalized by the majority Christian government and relations between muslims and christians have suffered over the past years.

Police declared the young muslims under suspicion are controlled by radical preachers with links to the militant somali al-Shabaab group.

"The churches are situated in a zone inhabited principally by muslims, and church members had signalled beforehand threats by certain youths who told them to close their churches", declared Robert Mureithi, police chief in the Likoni district."

I have checked out this Mombasa Republican Council. It seems to have both christian and muslim members who share a feeling that the Kenyan government is indeed discriminating Kenya's coast (a coastal strip of a mere ten kilometers wide and with Mombasa as its nerve center, rather). Be that as it may, I fail to understand why militants from an organization with an economical agenda would burn Christian buildings. The church burnings also resemble similar attacks just to the south, in October across the border in Tanzania. I therefore fear it's our usual suspects again. Maybe not the jihadists responsible for the murders in Nairobi's shopping mall, but at least sympathizers.

And of course the gullible Belgian citizen, relying on our 'quality' newspapers, De Standaard up front, is left completely in the dark as to what happens just south of the border. To compensate for this lack of information however, he luckily today got the news that thirty years ago Margaret Thatcher considered to use troops to temporarily take the place of striking miners.

Well, we were really waiting for that tidbit of info weren't we? I mean, right now. Soooooo important!! Those evil rightwingers!


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