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Via Observatoire de l'Islamisation

"A former member of the (French) High Council for Integration, the sociologist Khalid Hamdani, in an op-ed published by Mediapart in March 2011, wondered how it was possible to continue to accept, without reacting, the ringing of church bells every sundag without anything being done to stop this loud and annoying intrusion of religion into public space."

Hamdani continued: 'attention, this time, French muslims and all republican seculars could form some kind of common front. They could demand the unequivocal application of secularism on the republic's entire territory. They could demand that all religions be treated in the same manner without exceptions or derogatory remakrs. It is of little importance that the roots of France are christian or pagan, or greco-roman.' [quoted in full length]

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Khalid Hamdani, muslim scoundrel and an ex-bigshot of the so-called 'High Council for Integration in France'. For monsieur Hamdani, church bells in France should be made to stop IMMEDIATELY.

Joachim Velocias, the man behind Observatoire de l'islamisation, further notes that:

a.) the French Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, has 'saluted the great quality of the report'

b.) Sharia effectively prohibits the ringing of church bells. Sunni law explicitly states it (see a.o. also El Mawerdi's 'Les statuts gouvernementaux' or 'La dépendence du voyageur' de al Misri). These fundamental sharia laws can be found in the .... 'Institut du Monde Arabe', 5th arrondissement, Mohammed V Square, Paris, France [I kid you not - MFBB].

c.) Khalid Hamdani has defended the integration 'report', in which he asked for stopping the ringing of church bells, on RTL (prime French television chain).

d.) Khalid Hamdani is of moroccan origin. Obviously he has never denounced the calls to prayer of muezzins in his country of origin, a country which has just condemned to 30 months of prison a convert to Christianity.

And Outlaw Mike adds some points of interest:

a.) As always, people should not be fooled by that drab muslim scumbag Khalid Hamdani's call for 'enforcing' strict secular principles with regards to all 'intrusions of religious activity' in public space. Hamdani has never, and WILL NEVER, object to entire Parisian blocks and streets off-limits to infidels on Fridays, when scores of muslims occupy the asphalt for their prayers. He also WILL NEVER object to muezzins' calls for prayer, to be heard loud and clear from more and more mosques in France itself.

b.) the lovely 'Institut du Monde arabe', smack in the centre of Paris, was part of the great state building projects - make that a pet project, actually, of François Mitterrand, of the, uh, French Parti Socialiste.

c.) Mr Jean-Marc Ayrault, France's PM, who was so smitten by Hamdani's report and its recommendations, is a prominent socialist also. I suspect however that you suspected that already.

d.) The management of the IMA in 2008 was the object of a study conducted by a French Senate's Finances Commission led by Adrien Gouteyron, following an accumulated exploitation deficit of 38.5 million EUR. Currently, the Institut du Monde arabe is in 'quasi cessation of payments'. The main reason for the IMA's plunge into an abysmal debt is the fact that the countries of the Arab League, bound by contract to subsidize the IMA to the extent of 40 per cent per year, fail to pay consistently, so that at most 10 per cent is reached. Back in the day, someone should have told the French fonctionnaires and signatories of that contract that muslims are never bound to hold onto their promises when concluded with filty infidels.

Anyway, the net result is that it is the French taxpayer who's filling the deficit gap, to the tune of 12 million euros a year. Votres euros de taxe au travail, chers frogs!

 photo Institut_Monde_Arabe_Paris_2_zpsd089f899.jpg

The Institut du Monde arabe, smack in the middle of Paris. Paid for by the French taxpayer, maintained by the French taxpayer, and containing islamic law that explicitly forbids, amongst others, the ringing of church bells. That's for starters, Julie and François. Bonne chance with your approval of zhe ghey mariage!!!

We live in an insane world.


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