Friday, July 20, 2012


Yes, your hatemonger has another item for you and it ain't even the Gitmo nutter who killed seven Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.

British police foiled yet another muslim plot to kill Jews on UK soil. Shasta Khan, 38, and her husband, Mohammed Sajid Khan, 33, are known to have bought material and substances from supermarkets with the aim to assemble an IED, to be detonated in Manchester's Jewish Quarter. Via Atlas Shrugs:


Look at the faces of these subhumans. Oh what a priceless enrichment of Western Culture.

....A satnav from her Peugeot 305 vehicle showed they had been on multiple trips to Jewish populated areas around Manchester, looking for targets to attack.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court found Shasta Khan guilty of engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism and two counts of possessing information useful for committing or preparing for an act of terrorism. She was cleared of a third count of the latter charge.

Her husband pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism Both will be sentenced at 2pm tomorrow.

British-born Muslim Shasta Khan was convicted by a majority ruling of 11-1 on the main charge of preparing for acts of terrorism.

She cried in the dock as the verdicts were delivered and then wailed as she was led to the cells.

Opening the case four weeks ago, prosecutor Bobbie Cheema said behind their “apparent normality of daily life”, Sajid Khan, an unemployed car valeter, and his wife planned to carry out “jihad at home”.

They both became radicalised by material found on the internet such as an al Qaida magazine called Inspire, the aim of which is to encourage Muslims in the West and this country to carry out holy war or jihad by mounting attacks in their own countries independent of any outside direction or association with any other person.

In response, the pair prepared to carry out a terrorist attack on British soil, with the most likely target being an orthodox Jewish area of Prestwich.

But of course the REAL DANGER for the UK is the BNP, the EDL, the British Freedom Party etc etc etc.

My God what a madhouse Europe has become. I live in the world's biggest open-air lunatic asylum.


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Joanne said...

Muslims object to a minute's silence for the Israelis murdered by other muslims.....and we actually have to give their demands some weight. Yes, we all live in this looney bin called earth.