Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I just wonder: WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE???

A screenshot from Het Laatste Nieuws:

"An Algerian lawyer, Zahia Mokhtari, announced that she has been charged by Mohamed Benalal Merah, the father of the Toulouse killer, with sueing the RAID, the French elite police unit that after a siege which lasted much too long finally killed Mohamed Merah, the Toulouse killer."


The French far-left candidate for the presidency, a certain Mélenchon, announced last week that he was convinced that Merah could definitely not count on the sympathy of, you guess it, those wonderful, peace-loving, law-abiding overwhelming majority of moooooslims. I would not count on that. Via Atlas Shrugs:

"The self-avowed “Islamic warrior” Mohamed Merah, who opened fire on a Jewish school in France and slaughtered Jewish children and a rabbi in cold blood, was no “lone wolf,” as the mainstream media initially insisted. His brother has been charged with complicity in his murders, and his mother refused to urge him to surrender when police asked her to do so during the 31-hour standoff before he was killed. But even worse, his cold-blooded murders are winning him sympathy from Muslims and leftist useful idiots around the world.

Will the Muslim community in France, famous for its rampages and car burnings, decry Mohamed Merah’s murderous deeds and Islamic Jew-hatred in general? Don’t bet on it. Millions of Muslims worldwide share Mohamed Merah’s genocidal inclinations. The hatred of Israel is commanded in Islam. The very existence of Israel is offensive to practicing Muslims. That should be no surprise, since the Quran, which calls the Jews the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82), commands that Muslims wage war against them (9:29). A hadith adds that Muhammad said: “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say, ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him’” (Bukhari 4.52.177).

Mohamed Merah was no lone jihadist. There is an army of millions. Monstrous. Even the “peaceful” people on the “humanitarian” flotilla that confronted the IDF in summer 2010 was chanting a genocidal war cry invoking Muhammad’s massacre of Jews at the Khybar oasis in Arabia: “Khybar, Khybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad shall return.”

So it was no surprise when Agence France-Presse reported Friday: “Facebook on Thursday removed a page that paid homage to the young Frenchman who died in a shootout with police after killing seven people, officials said.” “Frenchman”? He was a Muslim who would almost certainly have denied being French at all. “The page,” AFP stated, “which bore a picture of the self-proclaimed al-Qaida militant and was titled ‘Homage to Mohamed Merah,’ was ‘liked’ by more than 1,800 people before it was removed just hours after it appeared, they said. Many visitors left comments that were hostile to the police or favorable to Islamic extremism.”

More proof that Merah was no “lone gunman,” but a representative of the hopes and desires of far more Muslims than the mainstream media are willing to admit, came when scores of young Muslims gathered in Toulouse to honor Merah’s memory. (If that doesn’t sound like much, remember that a recent demonstration of “moderate Muslims” drew only 36, despite receiving enthusiastic international publicity.)

At the pro-Merah demonstration, a woman wearing a burqa said: “What we ask today is that we stop demonizing Mohamed, that’s it, he died.” She paid lip service to Merah’s victims: “We share the pain and suffering of the families because it is the same pain for us here.” But then she excused his murders: “I think what influenced him is what he had seen in his many travels. He could not manage all that. He was still a teenager in his head, despite his 23 years.”

Most teenagers, even those who are just teenagers in their heads, don’t massacre Jews while screaming “Allahu akbar.” This is jihad. This is Islamic Jew-hatred, prescribed and commanded by the Quran. This demonstration reveals the enemy within our own borders and shores. Imagine marching for this cold-blooded killer (in a cloth coffin, aka a burqa, no less). This is the most anti-human ideology on the face of the earth, and it is winning over entire nations and regions across the world."

Ask yourself THIS: if you were a father of a misfit son who committed sevenfold murder in cold blood INCLUDING three year old toddlers, and you learned that that son was killed by the police in a gunfight, would YOU sue the police for murder????


What does it take to drive a man so completely demonically insane that he is willing to pump bullets into the frail body of this girl?

It takes ISLAM.

As always.... ignore Outlaw Mike's advice at your own peril.



Joanne said...

Muslims have no problem killing anyone, you name it. Let's not forget Beslan; now that was a real eye-opener. Islam breeds demons - it sure gives you a look into the devil's psyche.

L.B said...

Nor do Christians, or Jews. Lets not forget WW1 and WW2 oh and not so long ago the War on Gaza and Lebanon. What, did you really think the media was telling you the truth?

Btw, Merah was reported on Aljazeera News (this was after this 'terrorist' was killed) that he was suspected of murdering those 2 French. Suspected - not guilty. So who is the one with no problem killing.

All this for elections to get Sarkozy in power; all of a sudden there is terrorism in France - and who better to eradicate these 'terrorists' than Sarkozy and his clan...