Thursday, March 15, 2012


Pontoise, France, 17 February. In front of the Pontoise mosque, the 'Collectif sheikh yassin' (you may remember the scumbag whom the israelis neatly dispatched in 04) organizes a demo to denounce France's 'burka ban', comparing it a.o. with the Srebrenica massacre.

Musulmans debout ! : Mosquée de Pontoise door Resistance_palestinienne

Naturally, there's a nauseating tirade against us infidels, with the speaker demanding that allah breaks our back, destroys the zionists, frees paleostina etc etc etc. Nihil nove sub sole, hear that a 1,000 times etc etc etc. Look at the crowd. All of them peaceful, moderate, law-abiding Fwench citizens.

The second video is what a burial of a turkish criminal looks like in Berlin:

It's in the details. The guy in question was a member of a gang of 20 turkish hoodlums and criminals which attacked indigenous Germans (aka 'Bio-Deutsche'). The Germans retaliated, killing one turk in a case of legitimate self-defense. If a case is recognized as such in Europe, I GUARANTEE it was indeed legitimate self-defense.

Lookie look at how popular mr turkish agressor was.

We've shed light on this phenomenon before. Whenever westerners hear of a white criminal gunned down, OUR reaction is 'Good riddance'.

Not so muslims. Take a good, hard look at this scum, mourning the death of a scumbag.

Prepare for Battle.


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