Thursday, January 06, 2011


Try to imagine the worldwide outrage that would have followed the bombing of a mosque by Christians. You cannot even begin to imagine it because no such a thing is happening, nowhere, anywhere, never.

How terrible is it then to conclude that following the carnage inflicted by muslim bombs in a Church in Alexandria barely a peep was heard in MSM worldwide?

Here are two videos, the first one taken right after the explosions, the second one

22 dead, and 79 wounded, many of them horribly maimed. That's what January 1st was for Copts in Alexandria, Egypt. Sadly, terrorist attacks like this one go hand in hand with appalling discrimination from the Egyptian government, which forbids the construction and even the renovation of Coptic churches, generally treats Copts like second rank citizens, and fails to effectively prosecute known perpetrators. An islamic fanatic who last year murdered five young Copts when they left a church, is in custody, but has still not been charged. Then there was the very suspicious move by the Egyptian government in the midst of the global swine flu pandemic to slaughter around 300,000 pigs, an act that pushed a great many Copts, already living on the brink of absolute poverty on trash heaps, even further into appalling circumstances.

So what does the Egyptian police do when desperate Copts take to the streets to protest their shameful treatment?

Look for yourself:

Islam is cancer, and the cancer is already among us here in Europe. Europes indigenous peoples would do well to learn to handle firearms, because at some point the use of deadly force against the muslim vermin may become necessary to safeguard our liberty and indeed, our very lives. Remember, there are no moderate muslims. There are only muslims with different timeframes for what they see as the Global Califate.

If they fail to do so, then one day autochton Frenchmen, Belgians, Dutchmen, Britons, Germans, Danes et al...

... will be tomorrow's Copts.


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