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Interesting - and telling - article by Eileen F. Toplansky over at The American Thinker:

By Eileen F. Toplansky

Spain has become a major battlefield between the forces of tyranny and the forces of freedom. In September 2010, La Meca, a popular discotheque in Aguilas (Murcia), southern Spain had to "change its name and architectural design because of pressure from Islamic extremists who found the name and design offensive and insulting to their religion." As a consequence, the Muslims "posted a video on the Internet calling for a boycott of Spanish goods." They also planned "jihad against those who 'blaspheme the name of Allah.'"

The disco's owners capitulated and changed the discotheque's name to La Isla; in addition, the owners modified certain "features of the club's architecture by changing the minaret tower into a lighthouse-like tower."

Currently, at the Instituto Menendez Tolosa, a secondary school in the town of La Linea de la Concepción in Andalusia, a high school teacher is being sued by the "parents of a Muslim student who claims that the teacher 'defamed Islam' by talking about Spanish ham in class." The instructor was discussing the proper conditions for curing Spanish ham.

Oink! Just think of the changes the world will have to make: no more piggy banks; no more pig-outs at parties; no more piggy songs about newborn's toes; no more discussion about trichinosis and pigs; no more fairy tales!

This case is not isolated; it reflects the "increasing assertiveness of Muslims in Spain." In 1990, only 100,000 Muslims lived in Spain. Two decades later, they number around 1.5 million.

Thus, teachers have to watch their very words, the stories they choose to read, and the pictures and puppets that they may use in a classroom discussion. The Islamic world keeps tying the noose tighter around freedom of speech, all under the guise of religious tolerance.

The parents who are suing are "citing Article 525 of the Spanish Penal Code[,] which makes it a crime to offend the feelings of the members of a religious confession." It is an ongoing saga of how the Islamic world continues to blackmail the West by perverting the intent of Western laws in order to advance Islamic ideology.

More Muslim intimidation comes from the Islamic Association of Malaga, which has demanded that a Spanish-language television series called El Clon be banned because it is "not only anti-Muslim, but also [attacks] the basic principles of coexistence and integration guaranteed by all democratic societies." The Islamic Association accuses the television series of "violating the Spanish Constitution for airing a program that criticizes certain aspects of Islam, such as forced marriages and the lack of women's rights in Muslim countries."

Basic principles of coexistence! The Islamic world works against this notion at every opportunity.

Speaking of forced marriages, this month, the "Spanish police raided an apartment in Logrono to free a 25-year old [sic] Pakistani woman who was forced to marry her cousin and was then held captive by her family and sexually assaulted for more than a month." There are many such cases of forced marriages in Spain according to Human Jamshed, president of the Association of Pakistani Women in Spain. And under sharia law, they are perfectly acceptable ..."

The islamization of Spain, while less in the news than the one of France, is indeed continuing unabated. Perhaps the starkest symbol of this is Granada, of all places, where since 2003 a muezzin calls the muslim faithful to prayer.

And Granada's muslims have powerful sympathizers:


Your tax dollars at work.

But the greatest accelerator of Spain's islamization is, of course, that walking manifestation of cultural self-hatred and leftist lunacy: Jose Luis Zapatero, Spain's PM, who, while setting the floodgates wide open for an invasion of around 4.5 million Third World immigrants - an appalling number among them muslim - also singlehandedly destroyed the country's economy. Public debt has soared, and unemployment now stands at a staggering 20%. In the meantime he cozied up to Chavez, bore down on Israel, arranged gay marriage and gay adoption, and greatly facilitated abortion.


In one of those seemingly incongruous moves so typical for leftist, Zapatero introduced, in 2007, the so-called Baby Cheque: a 2,500 EUR (3,300 US$) government incentive for expecting women. The move was intended to turn around Spain's truly catastrophic birthrate, at 1.07 children per couple the lowest in the world.

That Baby Cheque scheme has now come to an end. As of January 1st, the program has been aborted. The reason is, of course, Spain's lamentable economic situation, courtesy ... the Zapatero government. And like all leftist phantasmagoria's, this scheme too has done (far) more bad than good. For the Baby Cheque was an astounding success among muslims in Spain (who did not even have to be nationals), while it hasn't produced any noteworthy effect upon the fertility of indigenous Spanish women. Quite the contrary, they forsaked the cheque, but opted for abortion even more.

This is thus how leftist policies in Spain have worked: first allowing muslims in by the hundreds of thousands, then stimulating them to procreate even faster - and you can bet the birthrate among muslim couples in Spain was even without a cheque far higher than 1.07. Indeed, for a Stone Age muslim family of which the father has no inclination to work and the mother (or mothers) are not even allowed to venture outside, a 2,500 EUR cheque is manna from heaven. But it is not enough to induce Jose Q and Maria Y into putting little Spaniards on the world. However, they apparently favored the gay marriage, gay adoption and abortion measures more. Brilliant all, isn't it?

Europe is digging its own grave.

We were in Poland between Christmas and New Year, and the following is a scan from Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza:


Unfortunately, I have no time to translate it, save the title. That title says: "JIHAD IS BORN IN SPAIN".

Look at the photo in the right column. That's Madrid's mosque. So here we are, in the year 2011, and we are literally flooded with devastating news of appalling discrimination of non-muslims in muslim countries. Nowhere are they allowed to build churches or other places of worship, and they are prone to relentless physical attacks or at (the very) best have to endure being second rank citizens. Even in "liberal" muslim countries, like Turkey and Egypt, Christians have enormous difficulties obtaining even maintenance permits for their decrepit churches.

Look again at that mosque's interior. L - O - O - K.

It was financed with Saudi money and... Spanish taxpayer dough.

We truly live in an insane, bigoted , hypocritic world.


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