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Belgian top political blogger Luc Van Braekel had an excellent post up last week about a "multicultural conference" organised by muslims in Antwerp, which quickly turned out to be - surprise - a hatefest directed at Israel. It is actually baffling how a religious community of reportedly between 1.3 and 1.5 billion people JUST-CAN'T-STOP at playing victim vis-à-vis international Jewry - a paltry 20 million people - and its most visible representative the State of Israel.


Van Braekel's original entry on his own blog is in Flemish, but he was so kind to put up an English translation over at The Brussels Journal, where he's webmaster. Here are some exerpts:


During the last weekend of October, a conference in Antwerp got a lot of resonance in the Arab world. The same conference was virtually ignored in Belgium, even within the local Muslim community. "The place of Islam in the new Europe" was the title of the conference which was widely reported on Al Jazeera (see video below this article) and the Moroccan newspaper Le Matin. In Belgium, only Gazet van Antwerpen published a short article on the local pages in three of its six regional editions. Make no mistake: this was a conference to promote multiculturalism en mutual understanding between the Islamic world and Europe. The conference was organized by the Institute for Moroccan and Mediterranean Studies of the University of Antwerp, abbreviated as "IMaMs".


The conference was announced as a big event, but its course was chaotic. Jacques Attali was announced as the keynote speaker, but he didn't come. The program and the panelists were very different from what was announced in the invitation, and a complete schedule was distributed on paper only halfway through the conference. What should have been a conference on an academic level, turned out to be an event with very few high-level scholars and with very few references to scientific studies, statistics or serious references.


Already at the opening session, the first blunder was heard, even though most of the audience never noticed it. Speaker Muhammad Bensalah highlighted the contribution of Islam to European civilization, and suggested that few Western scholars fully recognized the Islamic contribution without covering it up. He named three: the American John Esposito, the German Sigrid Hunke and the Belgian George Sarton. Now, Sigrid Hunke was an employee of the scientific department of the SS under the Nazi regime, where she was researching racial psychology. In that position she came in contact with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who openly advocated the extermination of the Jews. In her book "Allahs Sonne über dem Abendland" ("Allah's sun over the Occident") she asserted that the roots of European civilization were not Christian, but are a mix of Islamic, pagan-Celtic and Germanic elements. She illustrates this argument with now discredited theories like the sea map of Piri Reis allegedly used by Columbus, and the fact that in German and Dutch one does not say "twenty three" but "three twenty" (Dreiundzwanzig, drieëntwintig), because in Arabic, one reads from right to left.


During the panel discussions, more than once some members of the audience started lengthy invectives against Israel. The moderators did not intervene to stop or shorten these rantings. Antwerp alderman Robert Voorhamme intervened firmly, stating that it was improper to import the conflict in the Middle East into our countries and into this conference.

It may surprise some that a conference that had the ambition to enhance the mutual understanding between Islam and Europe had invited people like Yacob Mahi, who literally states that "liberalism is the murderer of human freedom". Or imam Yussef Ibrams of Geneva, a member of the European Council of the Fatwa, who claimed in 2004 that "stoning, although not necessary in Switzerland, may absolutely not be brought in disrepute".

It became clear that, behind the scenes, some were pushing the conference towards a condemnation of the headscarf ban, when moderator Abdelhay Ben Abdellah started asking all the town councilors for their position on the ban. This Ben Abdellah is president of the "Expertise Center for Islamic Cultures in Flanders", which receives 200,000 euros of public funds each year, but whose functioning is unclear at present, lacking any reports or results...

One of the reasons that muslims piss me off so royally - apart from, of course, their mere "religion" - is their lack of work ethic. Their plebs lives to a great extent from government handouts, with the plethora of Mohammeds doubling or even tripling for someone else to pocket a second or even third entitlement at OCMW/CPAS guichets when it's dough collection time. As for their leaders and representatives, a favorite pastime is "conferences" like the described one, where they lose themselves complaining over the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad situation of moooooooooooooooooooossslims in every corner of the world where their hateful prophet has gained a toehold.

Now, their religion is one thing.

The fact that they prefer to let the infidel pigs work their asses off in our welfare states, is another.

But what is REALLY starting to make my blood boil is the increasingly heard mantra of islam's contribution to western civilization, as if it has always had a place here and as if we have forever reaped the benefits of it.

Time is SO F*CKING SHORT again and I am a small biz owner who just stopped preparing invoices half an hour ago and who has to be up early again tomorrow so UNFORTUNATELY I can once again NOT flesh this post out with some examples of how the fucking, disgusting, EVIL politico-religious doctrine harrowing the planet for 1,400 years and known as "islam", has contributed to WESTERN CIVILIZATION but let me show you just ONE EXAMPLE of their glorious donations:


Italy's easternmost city is Otranto, in Apulia. Some thirty years after the fall of Constantinople, and right after the fall of Rhodes, in July 1480, yet another Ottoman fleet appeared before a christian port to wreak havoc. This time it was Otranto. 128 ships unloaded an Ottoman army which laid siege to the town. By early August its inhabitants had, together with the weak garrison, sought refuge in Otranto's citadel. Its walls could not withstand Ottoman cannonfire, and on 11 August it surrendered. The day after, 800 citizens who refused to forsake their christian belief to convert to islam were butchered. It's their remains which you can still see in Otranto's cathedral. Bishop Pendenelli and the garrison commander, Count Francesco Largo, were sawn in two alive.

THAT, meine Damen und Herren, is islam's contribution to western civilization. A neverending story of horror and bloodshed, deceit and betrayal, death and oppression. While we are at it, does the name Marco Antonio Bragadin ring a bell?

I hate islam. I spit on it. I shit on it. I piss on it. I empty a bucket of vomit on it. I call it excrement.

Rant/Off? Not so much. In Bagdad, the charred interior of the Sayidat al-Neyat cathedral is a silent testimony to the savagery of islamic terrorists who butchered tens of peaceful iraqi christians. When a 5-year old infant cried out loud at the sight of the shooting of his own father, and his mother tried to hush him to prevent worse, a terrorist said "We will make him keep quiet" and shot the toddler through the head.

THAT, meine Damen and Herren, is islam. And don't talk BULLSHIT to me. You allow islam in your communities, you end up at the end of a long sad road with things like this. I am convinced that even after the jolly news of the Capitol Hill hate preachers this week spasmic reactions to seek excuses for that famous elusive peace-loving law-abiding enormous majority of moooooooooooooslims are AGAIN the order of the day, but there comes a day... there comes a D-A-Y ... that you too ... will WAKE-UP.

Islam, the scourge of the world. One day, humanity will have to decide what to do with it.


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