Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yet another mob of muslims aggressively taking possession of the streets. Only this time it's not in Paris' Barbès neighborhood, nor before a Milan church, nor the Groenplaats in Antwerpen.

It's Madison Avenue, NYC.

You allow islam to gain a foothold, you'll end up with this:

"... Sardar Israullah Zehri, a tribal leader and senator from Balochistan and a member of the PPP, took to the floor of parliament this past August to defend violence against women. Five women in his province had been buried alive for staining their family’s honor. (Reports from various human-rights groups indicate the number of women buried may actually be as high as ten.) No one knows who the women were; we have snippets—a first name here, a date of birth there—but they’ve been murdered terribly well, erased from public record.

In parliament, a month after the women were buried alive, Zehri defended the killings as “part of our traditional customs.” Three months after his atrocious declaration, he was appointed the Federal Minister of Postal Services (see?) and made an adviser to the prime minister’s cabinet. When criticized for his statements, Zehri shrugged off his critics—five women died and the sky didn’t fall, the charming minister is reputed to have said.

Then, in November, the PPP and its president, Benazir Bhutto’s widower Asif Zardari, appointed Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani as Federal Minister of Education (a cabinet post with actual heft to it). Any Pakistani with a memory should have alarm bells ringing in his head at the mention of Bijarani’s name. In 2007, the chief justice of Pakistan ordered his arrest after he decreed that five girls be handed over, like currency, to the family of a murdered man to settle a feud between their two families. Bijarani was acting as head of a local tribal council similar to the one that had Mukhtaran Mai gang raped. The eldest of the girls was age six, and the youngest were only two years old...."

Article by Fatima Bhutto. Hat tip The Daily Beast.

ISLAM IS CANCER. Live with it. Or rather, live with that statement. You know how it goes with cancer. You either destroy it with chemiotherapy, or you cut it away. If you don't, or you don't do it in time, you die from it.

America better wake up.


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