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Via Galliawatch, June 21, 2010. If you thought muslim "youths" - or make it muslims by extension since the "elders" don't give a flying shit about what their degenerated offspring is doing in the streets - well, if you thought muslims in Europe only harass indigenous Europeans, you are mistaken. Literally everywhere on the planet the adherents of this criminally insane, cruel, isgusting, inhuman and utterly contemptible "religion" are a royal pain in the *ss for decent, productive and law-abiding non-muslims, and it is no different in Europe, host to a plethora of ethnic minorities.

Southeast and east Asians are a hardworking class with close to nil criminality among them. They work (very) hard, respect the law, pay taxes, and their personal behavior vis-à-vis indigenous Europeans is almost unanimously very decent and courteous. They are your dream immigrants.

Alas, for the paedophile worshippers that does not make any difference at all. Like their indigenous French co-citizens, Chinese immigrants in France are legitimate targets too.

And last weekend, they had enough. A pathetic Apéro-party by mostly indigenous Frenchmen to protest the relentless and state-sponsored islamization of their country barely mobilized the pathetic number of 800 Claudes, Jacques, Virginies and Isabelles.

But the small Chinese community in Paris managed to produce a demo numbering more than ten times that number:

"The Chinese residents of Paris demonstrated on Sunday against acts of violence by Arabs. There was a huge turnout - 8500 people according to the police, (over 10,000 according to Novopress), in the neighborhood of Belleville, in East Paris, the largest demonstration by Asians ever organized in France. The organizers of the demonstration spoke of a "growing climate of insecurity". Included among the demonstrators was the adopted daughter of Jacques Chirac - Anh, Dao Traxel of Vietnamese origin. There are an estimated 600,000 - 700,000 Asian residents in France, most of them in Paris and its suburbs.


However, the rally turned violent when, according to one demonstrator:

"Someone stole a Chinese lady's purse. The Chinese caught him, and alerted the police, who let him go. We are not violent, but it was too much."

At 7:30 p.m. young Chinese were still throwing glass bottles at the mobile gendarmes, lined up with their shields, who threw tear gas in turn. Earlier, the gendarmes had been targets of the demonstrators, some of whom threw tables and chairs taken from the La Vielleuse Bar.

Another report adds these details:

"Stop the violence, We want to live in security. We've had enough of these attacks. Respect for all." These words were written on tee-shirts, caps, and banners.

"There are too many people attacked by Arabs. They grab purses, they break shop windows, we no longer feel safe," cried out a young demonstrator as gongs and drums sounded.

According to Philippe Costa, president of the France-China Club, elected officials have demonstrated their inability to deal with crime in this multicultural neighborhood. "Many people won't come into Belleville from fear of attacks. Those who live there and work there are easy targets, because a lot of money circulates. We are asking for surveillance cameras. We do not want any more thugs in Belleville."

A spokesman for the Chinese associations says that the Chinese community can no longer keep silent. "It is not usual for Asians to demonstrate, but this has been going on for 20 years. Everybody passes the buck. This is a neighborhood that borders on four arrondissements."

Note: Paris seems to be dividing up, fragmenting into livable and non livable areas, with the livable areas slowly but surely giving way..."


It takes a village of Chinese to come up for the rights of Jean-Claude and Jacqueline.


If France is to survive in any meaningful way, it will probably depend just as well on non-muslim foreign ethnicities as on autochton Frenchmen and -women. Probably more so. What to think, e.g., of French Prime Minister François Fillon, a multiculti lunatic, of Sarkozy's party no less, who is hellbent on issuing 170,000 visas a year to Algerians (a trebling compared to 1997's 57,000) and who will inaugurate on Monay June 28 yet another new mosque, at Argenteuil. Via Observatoire de l'Islamisation:


Meanwhile, the "bleus", the French soccer team, has become so overwhelmingly islamic that it demands a halal meal whenever it is invited somewhere:

"Cela me choque par exemple que l’équipe de France demande un buffet halal pour être reçue quelque part."

France will be the first European country to go down in flames. May it be a final wake up call for the rest of Europe to arm itself and use, if necessary, Deadly Force against the muslim cancer destroying the continent from within.


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