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It's not that this cunt is so special. It's rather that I shed light on her insignificant personage to illustrate the autodestructive behaviour of the Left in general, and the French Left in particular.

Françoise Tenenbaum is, ahem, "Deputy delegate for Solidarity and Health to the mayor of Dijon". Madame Tenenbaum is also a prominent member of the Parti Socialiste in that important city in eastern France. Here's her photo:


Not your type? Mine neither. Smug know-it-all attitude, radiating moral superiority like Chernobyl radioactivity right after the 1986 blowup. To top it all off, the sex appeal of a retired locust writing a grocery list. What do you want, they don't make 'em like this anymore. But that's not what I wanted to write about.

As basically ALL socialist do goodery types, so hopelessly superior to retarded uncouth unsophisticated rightwing neanderthals like me, myself and I, a couple of years back, Madame Tenenbaum found it necessary to put her delicate shoulders under one of those swell pet projects of the left, gay marriage and gay adoption. Hold your fire. I will repeat AGAIN, that I am - at best - okay with some kind of civil contract for gay couples. Marriage and adoption of children are off limits though. The following screenshot comes right off a leftwing site called Démocratie Militante Socialiste. I will spare you the translation of that leftozoid gibberish, the gist of it is that this site is highlighting the fact that from 2007 on, and over the five following years, amongst others gay marriage and gay adoption legislation comes up for vote and that people should know who's for and who's against. I think that you don't need to know French to understand what Le PS et la gauche se sont prononcés pour means. As for the candidate of the région Cote-d'Or, we see that it's Mme. Tenenbaum:


That site also sports a quote going "Le chemin vers une société du progrès humain passe par la sortie du capitalisme et de l'économie de marché." by a fella with the name Jacques Généreux, and that quote contains an oxymoron so baffling that you'd choke in it - since it was communist and socialist ideologies responsible for, oh, about 130-150 million deaths in the 20th century. But again, let's hold this topic off for another round.

Okay. Françoise Tenenbaum is fighting with ALL HER MIGHT FOR THE RIGHT OF HOMOSEXUAL COUPLES TO MARRY AND ADOPT CHILDREN. Françoise Tenenbaum is mounting the barricades for this kind of relationships:

"...Under French law, Bedos cannot marry his partner of six years, 42-year-old Gilles Kleitz. Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium allow same-sex couples to wed, but France and Britain recognize only a form of civil union. And no country has yet drafted legislation that would legitimize the family structure Bedos and Kleitz have adopted. Together with Nathalie Jobard, 42, and Sophie Rajzman, 38, they are parents to daughter Louise, who turns 4 this month.

Schoolfriends Bedos and Jobard, Louise's biological parents, discussed having children together some years earlier but only put the plan into action when both were in settled relationships with partners who also agreed to play a full parental role. "We thought it would be positive for a child to have more people around them to give them the best possible chance in life. And in a selfish way, it's nice to be one of four parents because we have more freedom," says Bedos.

For Louise, that means a childhood that appears as fractured as the life of any kid caught in a custody dispute. She sees her fathers two days a week and splits vacation time between households..."

Now, isn't that just WONDERFUL??? FOUR parents producing ONE child??? Daddy 1 screws Daddy 2, Mommy 1 does Mommy 2. Or vice versa! And now that there's four parents, think of other promising possibilities! How beautiful! Can't you just FEEL the spirit of Liberty, Egality and Fraternity???

There is, however, also something called Reality.

It is by no means situated in the spiritual realm.

Via Galliawatch, June 6, 2010:

"...Saturday afternoon, Françoise Tenenbaum, Socialist adjunct delegate for Solidarity and Health to the mayor of Dijon, bestowed medals honoring the French family. The Medal of the French Family, created in 1920 by decree, modified on October 28, 1982, is an honorary distinction to worthy persons who are raising or who have raised many children, in order to pay homage to their merits and to show the gratitude of the Nation.

It is therefore a way to reward these meritorious mothers who, through their devotion and their self-sacrifice, took on the responsibilities of their role, even if these mothers themselves do not see in it any merit. (...)

Thus, 21 mothers, in the presence of their families received their medal. Eight silver medals (six or seven children): Fatiha Benhalima, Fouzia Amezane, Fatima Boularess, Aïcha Hadj-Abderrahmane, Mama Lefdou, Fatima Loubbi, Rosaria Rutigliano, Aïcha Tasry.

Thirteen bronze medals (four or five children): Saadia Ayar née Ayar, Saadia Ayar née Jabir, Medhia Bargaoui, Fatima Batta, Diane Brenot, Saâdia Brouzi, Fatima Et-Tellah, Nacéra Farsi, Fatima Haddache, Nathalie Lerbet, Zineb Oussghir, Stella-Cora Robert, Latifa Sabik..."


Notice that it was a beaming Madame Tenenbaum, our acquaintance, bestowing the Order for Best Burping Kiddos Up Mother to Fatima, Fatiha, Aisha, Fouzia, Saadia, Latifa etc etc etc. Now is it just me, or are there other people who suspect that with her Four Gay Parents for One Kid programme she won't be having much success among said ladies and their spouses?


I suspect that there are still a few rightstuffers out there, even here in the world's biggest open air loonybin aka the Eurofuckingunion. When all hell breaks loose a few years hence, as a result of the policies of people who should also one day, for once, pay their "fair share", I expect you to do YOUR DUTY.


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