Saturday, December 05, 2009


What's with the skiing? Nothing, it's just that's when I was looking for a decent video of DAG's Lovely Jane, I stumbled upon this short film of French dudes who used the song as background. Lovely Jane is from DAG's debut album Righteous, released in 1994. The band, from Raleigh in North California, had actually been playing for five years already. And they split five years later, after having produced two other albums. The singer and bass guitarist is Bobby Patterson. Hearing their sound in the nineties left a somewhat anachronistic impression, like if you would be hearing a great Simple Minds hit from the eighties only now for the first time. But it wasn't bad then, and to me, it isn't bad today either.

You, me and World War Three. Relatively unknown hit by Irish singer-songwriter Gavin Friday, ex Virgin Prunes. It's on his 1995 album Shag Tobacco. When I first heard it, I thought I was hearing Bowie. Friday is more active than you think, having worked on the soundtrack of movies like In the name of the Father (that's one you gotta see), Mission: Impossible and Moulin Rouge.


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