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More than five years ago, on November 6, 2004, I had a short post about an event which took place right after the murder of Theo Van Gogh by a radical Netherlands-born muslim, Mohammed Bouyeri - a murder which coincidentally took place the day that George Bush was re-elected for a second term. This event was the removal by force, on orders of a Dutch mayor, of a mural in Rotterdam with the text "Gij zult niet doden" ("Thou shalt not kill"). Here is an exerpt from that post:


A Rotterdam artist, Chris Ripke, made this simple mural (photo) on a wall nearby a mosque in Rotterdams Insulindenstraat, with a line from The Ten Commandments: "Gij zult niet doden"("Thou shalt not kill"). This in an, imho, very restraint and dignified expression of his disgust at the callous murder. Look at it yourself:
Apart from the text, a pigeon (or angel), a date and a blue triangle not much sock to it, huh?


The mosque’s Imam found the mural offensive and called Rotterdam’s mayor, Mr. Opstelten. Incredibly enough, Mr. Opstelten sent a special utility vehicle to remove graffiti to get rid of the mural. A local reporter of local TV broadcaster Cineac Noord was present. First he was asked not to film "because it would cause too much tension in the neighbourhood". When the reporter saw the utility vehicle arrive and prepare to remove the artist’s piece, he stood in front of it to protect it. When he refused to give up his stand, there was a brush with the police who then arrested him. The mural was removed.

So now, apparently someone was able to film it. And even though we are five years further now and the world has witnessed far more bloodshed in the name of islam and far more dhimmitude, I thought I would just heed the advice of our friends over at Gates of Vienna and Vladtepesblog and spread the link around. Here goes:

It's a rather long video, so you can speed forward around 6 minutes in it, where city personnel is destroying the mural after a request of the local imam.

We are five years further now, and how have things evolved in the meantime in The Netherlands?

Not so well.

All big cities are islamizing at an alarming rate. The photo below shows Stadsdeelvoorzitter Ahmed Marcouch, the mayor of the Slotervaart neighborhood in Amsterdam, at a "Sinterklaasfeest" (he's sitting to the left of Santa). The cross on Santa Claus' mitre has been neatly removed.

Increasing violence everywhere involving the now (in)famous "youths", see this article about the dire situation in Gouda.

Europes biggest port, Rotterdam, has a muslim mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb. A holder of two passports, he has already made clear where his loyalties lie, a.o. by bypassing the Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhaghen in his relations with Morocco, and by staying away from a Rotterdam commemmoration ceremony, Veterans Day. He preferred a short journey to his homeland Morocco instead.

Dutch Interior Minister Guusje Ter Horst, ordered a "scientific study" concerning Geert Wilders, the chairman of the PVV (Party for Freedom), and the "scientists" concluded that Wilders is "undermining social cohesion and democracy" in The Netherlands. On the basis of the "scientific report", Geert Wilders is now being prosecuted. His trial starts in January. The prospect of this kangaroo court was welcomed by a.o. Alexander Pechtold, chairman of the center-left party D66, with the ominous words:

'Geert Wilders is a racist and on the extreme right. And now finally there is a scientific basis [to prove it].'

Fabricating "scientific" reports to kill off political opponents. You'd think it used to happen in the USSR in the fifties. But this is The Netherlans, 2009. So, and who would be the "scientists" behind the report? These are their names and official titles:

* Radicalization Investigator Hans Moors
* Professor in (Counter)Terrorism Bob de Graaff
* Extreme Rightwing Expert Jaap van Donselaar.

From Radicalization Investigators and Extreme Rightwing Experts you can expect they home in on men like Wilders. But in a world which has seen, oh, around 14,500 islamic terror attacks since 9/11 you'd think a Counterterrorism Professor has better things to do than investigate a guy with blonde hair who has been walking around day and night for several years now with six bodyguards, huh?


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