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From the French weblog François Desouche, May 31:

La Mairie de Paris interdit une messe pour “risque de trouble à l’ordre public”
Posté le 31 mai 2009, 14:16 Auteur : François

Depuis 20 ans, le Pèlerinage entre Chartres et Paris se clôturait par une Messe traditionnelle dans un grand square devant la basilique du Sacré Cœur.
Cette année, prétextant l’affaire Williamson, la Mairie de Paris a interdit l’utilisation de ce square. L’UMP s’est abstenue. Motif invoqué : risque de trouble à l’ordre public. Non, vous ne rêvez pas. La Mairie de Paris qui donne des leçons de tolérance à la Planète entière, qui permet, et pire subventionne, l’expression de toutes les déviances, interdit à des Catholiques de célébrer une Messe. Désemparés, les organisateurs ont dû trouver d’urgence une solution de rechange. La préfecture a octroyé la place Vauban pour la messe de clôture.


Since twenty years, the pilgrimage between Chartres and Paris ended with a traditional Mass on a grand square in front of the Basilica of the Holy Heart [one of the landmarks of Paris - MFBB]. This year, citing the Williamson Affair, the Mayor of Paris has forbidden that this square be used. The UMP withheld their vote [the UMP is Sarkozy's party - MFBB]. The mayor's motif: an allegedly enhanced risk for public order troubles.

Nou, you do not dream. The office of the Parisian mayor which gives tolerance lessons to the entire planet, which allows, and even subsidizes, all kinds of deviant behavior, forbids Catholics of celebrating a Mass. The shocked organizers had to quickly find, at the last moment, an emergency solution. Finally the préfecture authorized the Mass to be held at the Place Vauban.

Let us now shed some illuminating light on the personality of Mr. Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris:

Exhibit 1:

I actually mentioned this asshole some time before, in 2006, at the occasion of the fifth Ramadan celebration sponsored by the Parisian mairie, held then in the Stade Charléty. The ramadan poster is from Delanoë's own website. As we said at the time, Delanoë's zeal at pleasing his muslim overlords is a bit strange, given the fact that in 2002 he was almost stabbed to death by a muslim, Azedine Berkane, who upon arrest claimed he had done it because he "disliked gays". Ponder that for a while. Ponder it. We have here a man, the openly gay mayor of the City of Lights, who forbids an innocent Pentecost celebration... while he subsidizes a key religious event of a religion that proscribes that gay men should be killed.


Exhibit 2:

From Galliawatch: "Delanoë espouses all the mandatory left-wing social causes, and fights against all forms of discrimination, as you can see. Among his other accomplishments he is known for having bestowed on Mumia Abu-Jamal the title of honorary citizen of Paris, putting killer Mumia in a class with Marie Curie and Pablo Picasso. He has also been criticized for renaming numerous streets of the capital after singers, performers and left-leaning celebrities such as Simone de Beauvoir, Salvador Allende, Rosa Parks, Habib Bourguiba, François Mitterand, et al..."

Exhibit 3:

On 19 October 2006, Delanoë inaugurated the Institute of Muslim Culture, situated in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, in 19-23 rue Léon, at the exact former premises of the Al Fath mosque (Al Fath means "The Conquest" in arabic, but that must be a coincidence). At the time the mayor's office assured everyone in a communiqué that "this university center of schooling, research and documentation is oriented towards the study of scriptures and modern praxis of islam". What the communiqué did not explain was the fact that two of the university members of the centre's "scientific counsel" were close acquaintances of the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (UOIF). The office of the mayor participated in the construction of the Institute of Muslim Culture with a donation of ten million euros. Below you see a photo of the inauguration ceremony with Delanoë shaking hands with a scholar from the institute.

One last thing.

Bertrand Delanoë is a prominent member of the French Socialist Party.

I suspect however, that you suspected that already.


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