Saturday, May 30, 2009


No. 1 is Olive with "You're not alone", 1996. Olive was a UK dance group from the mid-nineties, formed by songwriter/instrumentalist Tim Kellett (ex Simply Red), keyboardist Robin Taylor-Firth and singer Ruth-Ann Boyle. They had but two albums, Extra Virgin (1996) and Trickle (2000). You're not alone is from the first one, and, as far as I'm concerned, their only hit. I remember well that when it was released in summer 96, over here it was heralded by some deejay on a popular radio station (might have been Studio Brussel, but not sure), as "the music of the future". You might call that the Mother of all Overstatements, but thirteen years on I think it's still sounds pretty cool.

Cool were also The Presidents of the United States, an alterative rock/postgrunge band formed by Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer in 1993. Over here they had a couple of solid hits. Peaches is one of them, from the 1995 titleless album. It's - cough -not a very brainy song, but it is entertaining.


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