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Reader angleofrepose objected to my linking to the BNP, the British National Party, on the grounds that it is xenophobic, racist and counts Holocaust deniers among its members. I want to hasten that I certainly respect angleofrepose's point of view, and that I would never consider, just because I disagree with her, to remove it from the comments section.

It is indeed so that I recently put up the BNP logo with a link to the party's website. People who follow the comments know that I asked Scott, who is one of the original founders of DowneastBlog, whether he had any objections to that. Not receiving any, I put up logo and link. Since I am not - as angleofrepose seems to assume - the owner of this blog, but merely a guestwriter, I will remove both when asked by Scott or the other two original founders, Tom and Kerry D.

I admit I did not delve very deep into the BNP's history. I assume the party's origins are very much like the VB's: murky. To explain why I nevertheless deemed the BNP worthy enough to link to, allow me to shed some light on the "purification" process the VB went through.

I have often referred to the VB's dirty past and explained several times that I would never have joined in the streetfighting years, i.e. when it counted holocaust deniers and/or Hitler admirers among its members. The thing is, anno 2009 the VB is clean. I would even dare to say as clean as can be. And here's the curious thing. In any normal society, the Vlaams Belang having gone to GREAT lengths to become respectable, it would after some time have gained the credit it deserved for that. The racism has gone, the xenophobia has vanished, the sharp edges of the notorious 70-points plan have been sworn off, skinheads have been chased out, and the ranks have been filled with erudite, qualified and decent citizens.

The one thing that hasn't changed however...

... is the VB's treatment.

The party is STILL treated as a political pariah. ALL other parties still vow they will maintain the notorious cordon sanitaire. And in a perverse twist of irony, PRECISELY the man who transformed my party from a dubious nationalist club into a modern pro free market, ethically conservative party, Frank Vanhecke, is currently the subject of Belgium's "anti-racism" laws, and even risks losing his capacity as MEP, this for a minor slur in a local VB pamphlet which he didn't write, for which he nevertheless apologized, and for which he can't be prosecuted anyway since Belgian law stipulates that a responsible editor cannot be prosecuted if the author of the literature in question is known - which is the case. The mastermind behind the vicious attacks against Mr. Vanhecke is the socialist mayor of Sint-Niklaas, Freddy Willockx, who in 2003, in the runup to the liberation of Iraq, expressly forbade US military convoys the use of Belgian Army barracks in Sint-Niklaas.

As a final sidenote, it is true that the VB counts very few members of other races, but that has more to do with incessant vilification and even intimidation, since those few brave souls who did join immediately had firsthand experience of what a cordon sanitaire in microcosm means (a girl of Sri Lankan origin who had the guts to join the VB chapter in Lokeren was a castout herself in a matter of hours).

All of this leads us to the inescapable conclusion that the VB is not hated for what it does, but for what it is. The VB's treatment at the hands of Belgium's leftist or center-left mainstream parties is so to say a metaphor for the esteem in which the muslim world holds the entire west: the ummah loathes us, westerners, not for what we do, but for what we are. As if to underscore the value of this metaphor, the likeness makes all the more sense since muslims and leftists have shown themselves to be virtual allies anyway! Muslims hate the west because we denounce Allah's laws, and instead lead our lives by observing human-made laws. In the same manner, socialists hate the VB because it refuses to accept the dogmas of the Leftist Church.

To cut a long story short: the - admitted, skimpy - investigation I conducted prior to putting up the BNP logo and link convinced me nevertheless that the BNP is right now going through the same sanitization process the VB has gone through. This process is in all likelihood not as far advanced as in my party's case. However, I decided, especially in light of the dire situation in the UK, that the party deserved credit for what it has achieved so far. To be sure, the BNP's record is far from ideal. They expressly claim to be the defenders of Britain's "native" populations. But, if one denounces the BNP for that, one has also to denounce 85% of African Americans, since in 2008 they did exactly what one accuses the BNP of: cast their vote along racial lines. (note that, contrary to popular belief, the BNP does allow people of other races to join). On the economical front the BNP espouses viewpoints that even with a massive amount of goodwill cannot be described as other than "center left". They are for protectionism and supporting ailing industries. One of their even more ridiculous moves is their opposition to the proverbial "Polish plumber", allegedly taking British jobs. This is nothing short of sheer nonsense - the BNP is in dire need of a William Buckley. However, my attitude is, again in light of the catastrophic erosion of western values in the country which produced the Magna Carta, so be it. Donald Rumsfeld once said that you go to war with the army you have, not with the army you want. In the same manner, one goes to the ballot box with the party one has, not the party one wants. An estimated 7,000 sharia courts are operational in the UK, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has basically endorsed their existence. It does not matter, as regular reader and commenter Mark asks, whether to this date whites are subject to the rulings of these courts. All that matters is British Law. So if British Law stipulates that a divorce has to happen so and so, and that British males can have but one married wife, so it will be. And not according to the laws of a perverted, degenerated and utterly inferior desert "culture".

The islamization of Britain is achieving an utterly frightening dynamic, and if nothing happens soon, the slippery ride towards destruction of the fabric of British Society, as it was molded for a price paid for with the blood of literally millions, will become irreversible. One sole muslim member of the House of Lords was able to coerce British Parliament into submission. Imagine what it will be when there are twenty "Lord" Ahmeds. Labour, like every leftist party, has already shown it is the ally of islam. The Conservative Party, led by the idiot David Cameron, puts Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher to shame.

There is but one alternative to STOP the gruesome process of islamization.

The BNP. The British National Party.

It is not ideal. It is possibly far from ideal.

But only the BNP is best placed to... in the words of the great Winston Churchill... guard the ... "simple uncounted rights" for which better men than we are died on the scaffold or the battlefield.


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