Friday, June 05, 2009


Just today, I finally got my copy of Filip Dewinters new book "Inch'Allah?", about the islamization of Europe:

It wasn't easy. Belgian bookstores, and especially the two main chains De Standaard and FNAC, refuse to distribute it freely. Which means it is not in their racks, and if you absolutely want one, you have to order it. Which is what I did. By contrast, the history and politics wings in De Standaard and FNAC bookstores burst with center left and leftist works. There are no books by conservative authors.

All the bruhaha surrounding this book and another one, a biography of François Miterrand by VB MEP Koen Dillen, which he wrote under the pseudonym Vincent Gounod just to get it on the market, are a perfect illustration of how spasmic the politically correct Belgian establishment reacts to dissenting opinions. One should wonder why. I only have had an hour or so to briefly check out the book, and I have yet to find a hateful message. The prose is however clear and precise, and the book bursts with a plethora of easily verifiable facts. To give you an idea of the style, I random-picked the following paragraph:


Huntington is not alone with his conclusion that islam is a belligerent religion. An investigation by the American Professor Ted Robert Gurr concluded that muslims were involved in twenty-six of the fifty ethno-political conflicts between 1993 and 1995. Of the twenty conflicts which took place between groups of different civilizations, a staggering fifteen were between muslims and non-muslims. Other inquiries confirm, too, the conclusion that in the early nineties muslims were more than non-muslims involved in violent conflicts, with two-thirds to three-fourths of all wars having been fought between muslims and non-muslims. Huntington rightfully concludes that "the borders of islam are smeared with blood".

So it's a cool and reserved approach, where the author never falls into the role his adversaries love to cast on him: that of a frothing-at-the-mouth xenophobe white supremacist. Dewinter paints a detailed and chilling picture of Europes ongoing islamization, and clearly demonstrates that this process is actively encouraged, subsidized, and legalized by Europes leftist elites. The responsibility of the latter is... enormous.

Dewinters many, many opponents and detractors like to paint him as a crude, dumb populist and intellectual lightweight. While Dewinter is not an academician - as if that in this time and age is such a recommendation - he's far removed from the doofus the cabal of socialists, liberals, greens and christian democrats paint him like. Indeed, a closer look at the two main European protagonists in the battle against islamization - Geert Wilders and Filip Dewinter - puts, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Dewinter in a far more favourable light than expected. Both men have their merits, but it is not because the flamboyant Wilders' style attracts spotlights like magnets that Dewinters impact is less. Wilders is the man of high profile media events - take his journey to Heathrow and the ensuing deportation back to Holland - but Dewinter is the stubborn dogfighter. Both approaches work: Wilders successfully used the shameful entry refusal in the UK to his advantage in yesterday's elections, and Dewinter's dogged fights on many a barricade effectively block the advance of islam in many alleys. He's everywhere: one day leading a protest against a salafist mosque in Kortrijk, another day addressing Pro Koeln members in Cologne, yet another day facing antifa thugs refusing him entry to Ghent University even though he had the authorization of the relevant faculty. While Dewinter is not the VB's chairman, he is our proverbial attack dog - or should we say attack lion, for a prominent lion has for many centuries been a heraldic emblem of Flanders.

On Sunday, in most EU countries people will head to the polls to elect 785 MEPS. There is much at stake, and we will need many Dewinters and Wilders to stem the tide. I remain moderately hopeful however. Not for a conservative landslide, but for further consolidation of the tentative rightwing shift we have been observing in Europe for the past four years. How ironic that as Europe is (ever so) slowly moving to the right, America is shifting to the left - apparently at breakneck speed.


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