Tuesday, May 05, 2009


For those of you who shouldn't know it, David Cameron is the leader of the British Conservative Party, the Tories.

Confronted with such madness, it's always a pleasure to read Melanie Phillips' take. Mrs. Phillips is a well-known British columnist and author who now writes mainly for the Daily Mail. The BBC has described her as "one of the [U.K.] media's leading right-wing voices" and a "controversial" columnist", which is, certainly if it's coming from that collection of leftozoid dhimmi traitors who already sixty years ago angered Winston Churchill to no end, a hell of a compliment. From The Spectator:

Friday, 1st May 2009

Conservative Home reports:

A member of the shadow cabinet told me to look out for five things in the next few months that Team Cameron would be emphasing to show that ‘new Toryism’ is still alive and kicking - despite the ‘age of austerity’:

•Further promotion of women and ethnic minority Conservatives.
•Outreach to gay rights groups (yesterday we learnt this).
•More emphasis on environmental policies. At Spring Forum in Cheltenham Greg Clark MP promised to make Britain the ‘Saudi Arabia of renewable energy.’
•Loud trumpeting of the fact that the NHS and international development are the top two Tory spending priorities.
•More initiatives on social justice with a greater role for Iain Duncan Smith.

So let’s get this right. We have Stalin’s nervous breakdown going on in Number 10, the British economy smashed to pieces, world war three about to erupt courtesy of Pakistan and Iran, the implosion of the taxpayer model of public service, and the institutionalised intimidation and bullying of citizens upholding the values of right and wrong as a result of the dominance of group rights and minority pseudo-‘victim’ culture – and the Tories propose to shimmy around on neo-Marxist and nihilistic rainbow coalition marches as they take us back to a pre-industrial peasant economy, with Iain Duncan Smith tacked on as camouflage for the final disintegration of normative values, common sense and national survival.

A conservative opposition? More like a Weimar cabaret act.

Yup. Can't agree more.


I suppose DowneastBlog is being read by gay people. It is important to know that personally, I do not harbor hostile feelings towards members of the gay and lesbian community. I do not consider myself homophobic. I am a christian, and I know that some of my fellow bloggers, readers and commenters who are of the same faith will frown upon what I'm going to write now, but - I doubt if I would even label being gay as a sin. I am okay with some sort of civic relationship for those gay couples who wish to forsake a promiscuous lifestyle. I am however squarely against gay marriage and gay adoption, which I consider as a gross travesty of the (sacred, if we also consider a marriage before church) formalization of a decent family-life, and normal parenthood, respectively. Children need to have a mother and a father. All the rest is dangerous politically correct insanity. Period.

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