Thursday, May 07, 2009


I borrowed most of the following videos from the BNP website. Recently, I have decided, when referring to the British Right, to no longer count the British Conservative Party, since their leader, David Cameron, is an absolute and complete idiot and totally unworthy to be Thatcher's heir. When talking about the British Right, I will therefore only imply the BNP, the British National Party. I mainly have two objections of my own. Firstly, I suspect that although officially the party allows people of all races to enter, there are still a fair number of white supremacists and pure racists in the BNP's ranks. Given the official partyline though, I will give the BNP the benefit of the doubt. Especially since I have seen, in my own country with the VB, how such a policy imposed top down eventually affects, and ultimately sanitizes, the entire party.

Secondly, from an economic Point of View, the BNP can hardly be called Right. They oppose free trade an favour protectionism to "protect" British jobs. It is clear that the BNP's economic think tank - if there is such a thing - has never heard of William Buckley, Von Mises or Hayek. In this manner, the BNP, with its outdated, archaic views on economy, not acknowledging despite the facts that free trade is in reality a job creator, does not differ that much from Labour.

However - it is clear that the BNP is at least Culturally Right. It is THEM who dare to expose the grusome reality of a country succumbing to millions of muslim barbarians. It is THEM who rightly emphasize the importance of a national identity. And it is THEM who, although the BNP is a secular party, at least lament the horrifying process of Britains churces being turned into mosques.

Watch... and shiver:

1.) St Mark’s Cathedral in Peckham is now called the New Peckham Mosque.

2.) Cardiff, Wales. Street intimidation by a muslim horde. 150 year old church is taken into possession by the barbarians to convert as a mosque.

3.) The Central Mosque of Brent was previously a church built around the 18th century but it is now used exclusively for Muslim ceremonies.

4.) The Forest Gate Church, now a mosque, was built by Henry Wright in 1886 and was a Christian church for over 120 years.

5.) The Brick Lane Church is more than 250 years old, being built in 1743 as a French Protestant Church. By 1819 it had became a Methodist Chapel and in 1898 it was converted into the Spitalfields Great Synagogue. It now serves the local community as a mosque.

6.) The Albert Park Methodist Chapel on Burton Road, West Didsbury, in Manchester, was opened for worship in 1883. It is now the Didsbury Mosque and Islamic Centre and has an attendance of around 1,000 people a day.

7.) The Wembley Central Mosque in Middlesex near west London is yet another church which has been converted into a mosque.

8.) The Glodwick Baptist Church in Oldham was opened in 1927, but is now the Glodwick Jamia Mosque, Dar-Ul-Aloom Nasqshbandia and Muslim “Community Welfare Centre.”

9.) The Green Lane Mosque is based in Birmingham and is one of the biggest and well known mosques in the United Kingdom. It was first used as a church in 1890.

Tony Blair may be a nice chap personally, and he bravely joined the fight shoulder to shoulder with the US in Iraq, but the unbridled immigration with possibly fatal conclusions happened under his watch... and he still doesn't seem to grasp the scale of the damage done.

On June 4, 2009, elections for the European Parliament will take place in the UK. Here is a chance for freedom-loving Britons, aghast at the suicidal direction their country is taking, to punch the swines who are responsible for this potentially fatal predicament hard in the face. As a VB member who understands the issues all too well - since our problems are your problems, and what the BNP goes through now the VB underwent more than a decade ago already - I can only say... VOTE BNP.


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