Sunday, May 03, 2009


This video has been doing the rounds a gazillion times already. Still, I post it here again since the message can't be brought often enough.

Correction though: 25% of BRUSSELS, not Belgium, is muslim already. Of course, that is bad enough already.

We are indeed on the eve of a catastrophic evolution. Everywhere on the planet where islam has first gotten a foothold, then a sizeable minority, ultimately a majority, a decline in every aspect by which a successful society is characterized has taken place. Apart from the obvious setbacks wth regards to human rights, the cultural life, even the care for the environment... possibly the worst affected parameter by muslim dominance will be the economy. And here we can observe a curious situation. Whenever, in civilized countries, the economic situation takes a turn for the worse, measures are taken to reverse the undesirable evolution. These measures can, depending on the ideological signature of the government in charge, take the form of tax cuts, lowering or even abolishing import tariffs, deregulation, state investments in infrastructure, enhancing education budgets etc...

... but all in all, in most cases of the past decades - I am NOT counting the current crisis, which is indeed a very bad thing - all in all, the negative evolutions in the economies of most industrialized countries can, with some exxageration, be considered as ripples on the economic pond.

The upcoming islamization of our countries will, on the other hand, have a negative effect on our economies and the prosperity they created for our citizens to an extent that is as yet unseen in modern times. When islam takes over, unemployment will skyrocket, investments will plummet, and technological innovation will come to a halt. Just take a look at unemployment numbers in islamic countries, or try to gauge how the present level of granting credits to the industry can be maintained with their sluggish financial systems. But perhaps the greatest impediment will simply be... that in a country under islamic rule, the most precious material to keep things going will run out... qualified people.

We here in the west, and in other developed countries elsewhere in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, need a constant influx of scientists, engineers, and technicians. But already we can see that the growing islamic communities simply fail grossly to produce that precious human material. What to think, e.g., of this brief summary (via François Desouche):

In Belgium, the educational level of immigrant pupils is far less than that of indiginous pupils, in Flanders as well as in Wallonia.

According to a study comparing school results by pupils in 57 countries, "no other industrialised country exhibits such a wide chasm between immigrant students and others, and the results obtained by students of foreign origin are among the poorest in the developed world".

In mathematics, the youths from immigrant parents obtain only 444 points (2nd generation) and 406 (first arrivals) in the PISA tests, which is catastropic accoring to the investigators.

18% of immigrant students, 36% of the immigrants of the second generation and 53% of the first arrivals do not reach the level "2" on the PISA scale, considered the absolute minimum of competence required to insert onself into professional life.

In other words... just WHO will, in thirty years time, man our factories? Our research centers? Our high-tech R&D parks? Our nuclear powerplants? Our automotive industry?

Being overwhelmed by a foreign culture needs not to be that bad, if the invaders bring a civilization of a higher order with them. The Romans beat all Gallic tribes, but it wasn't a bad thing for western Europe, far from it. But the present situation is something altogether different. Western Europe is being overwhelmed AGAIN... but by a culture that is completely and utterly inferior. And what are our powers-that-be doing? Letting even more invaders in, grovel for them, and prosecute those who dare to ask critical questions! In light of this appalling evolution, it becomes paramount to expose our lying and irresponsible politicians for the cowardly crooks they are, and the upcoming elections for the European Parliament offer an excellent occasion to punch them hard in the face. But will indeginous Europeans do that? Everyone around me seems to be sleepwalking.


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