Thursday, April 30, 2009


A recent article in Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf:



From one of our correspondents.

AMSTERDAM- Amsterdam Police has recently had troubles with a pious muslim who scratches with his bare nails lingerie ads off billboards.

On the billboards, sexy ladies advertise for lingerie brand Sapph. The man, Tarix Abdullah, says that he acts "out of respect for God". He says he normally bears no grudges against women, but does indeed if they wear nothing more than a slip and bra. "I do it to protect the women and children who cross the street here. Soon women will think they have to dress like that to please men. If they follow God's way, more precisely the way of Islam, we can steer clear of the danger", Mr. Abdullah was quoted as saying.

Amsterdam police is aware of the action, but hasn't intervened yet. Sapph's ceo is "shocked"."

Duh. Steering women clear of danger huh. Another explanation might be that Mr. Abdullah wondered if, by scratching away certain items, he might not unearth the real thing. Anyway, over here at DowneastBlog, we absolutely have no problem whatsoever with women wearing only slips and bras. And to prove it we post the following pic:

THERE Mr. Tarix Abdullah!!! That will TEACH YOU!!!!!. Try to scratch that away!!!


P.S.: Downeastblog suggest Sapph for its female leadershi, uh, readership. Vandevelde is okay too.

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