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Via The Daily Mail Online:

"* The mosque opened today in Cologne during controversial President Erdogan's three-day visit to the city
* His visit was wrapped in controversy as thousands of police officers were deployed in force amid protests
* Supporters also came out to celebrate the inauguration of the new mosque after years of development


PUBLISHED: 02:47 BST, 29 September 2018 | UPDATED: 13:44 BST, 29 September 2018

One of Europe's largest mosques is to open in Cologne, Germany today.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reported the news during his controversial visit to the country with police deploying in force amid planned protests.

The inauguration will be the closing event of Erdogan's three-day state visit, aimed at repairing frayed ties with Berlin after two years of tensions.

In talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, both leaders signalled their interest in a cautious rapprochement, but Merkel stressed that 'deep differences' remained on civil rights and other issues."

DITIB, which is the shady Turkish Ministry of Religious Matters' branch in Germany, has found plenty of fools in Germany wanting to believe that the design of this atrocity is inspired by the buds of a flower about to blossom.

I see something else, and what I have in mind is Erdogan stating "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers”.

The minarets do look like things to stab, and the main building does look like a helmet from ancient times.

So the scoundrel is back in Germany visiting his eager supporters. Probably he will exhort them again to make soldiers for allah, like he did last year.

I'm a frequent visitor to the excellent naval blog CDR Salamander, and I find myself in agreement with the CDR in 98 per cent of the cases. But in one of his recent posts on French operations in Mali he got it so horribly wrong that it left me gobsmacked, even downright depressed:

"I know, I know. I am the one who pushes back against getting involved in foreign adventures, but this is not quite like a full-on invasion of a nation with sketchy impact on USA or allied national security.

This is helping our oldest ally who is helping another nation fight our common enemy - radical Islam. Mali itself is a Muslim country, 90% Muslim - but Islam is not the enemy. Radical Islam is."

Sorry CDR, but imho it has to be hammered in each and every head THAT ISLAM IS DEFINITELY THE ENEMY. And I have some telling evidence for that statement, coming from no other than Erdogan himself:

As I replied in the comments section:

"Permit me to squarely disagree CDR. ISLAM IS THE ENEMY.

The metrics are there. The data are there. History's lessons are there. If not enough of us understand and fully acknowledge the intrinsic danger of islam, we are lost. Period."


"...We should stop thinking they look at the world thru a comparable prism. Their thinking is far more collectivist than ours. They may butcher each other, but under all the internecine hatred there's that feeling of belonging to the worldwide ummah, with one common goal, world domination.

I would actually turn the CDR's take on its head. Extremist islam is not so much a problem, islam is.

Extremist islam is highly visible which makes it easy to pinpoint and neutralize them. In that respect ISIS et al must be viewed as the ultimate idiots since they chose to engage in the kind of warfare we are still good at. By establishing their caliphate for all to see they offered our militaries a target rich environment. Didn't do them much good huh?

But the REAL danger is 'moderate' islam."

Look at this photo: "moderate" muslims aka "New Germans" welcoming their hero Erdogan. Cologne, today, 29 SEP 2018:

As we speak, these zealots are waging a demographic jihad against us, an evolution made only worse by a gay-smitten Europe hellbent on turning its males into pussies and its females in ecoconscious feminazis rejecting motherhood. And in a move akin to throwing petrol on a raging fire, the EU leadership, childless Merkel up front, sluiced two million followers of the prophet, soon to be followed by their wives and offspring, into our lands.

We should not worry too much about the "Radical" muslims. They are the low hanging fruit. It is relatively easy to finish them off. In recent times, the West killed them by the tens of thousands in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

But the REAL threat is islam in our heartlands. Sorry if I'm hurting anyone's feelings, but if you do not understand that simple, basic truth...

... you should step out of the way. There is no use for you.

Worse, you are part of the problem.


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