Friday, June 01, 2018


There's a slight chance that in the UK, this time the powers that be have overplayed their hand. Today Friday, 500 of Tommy Robinson's supporters took to the streets in Leeds to demand his release:

Since the lifting of the gag order last Tuesday, the media are now free to report on the case. Expect nothing from traitors like The Independent or The Graudian, but here is extensive coverage by The Telegraph of today's events.

We all have to keep up the pressure. Just imagine, for filming outside the Leeds Courthouse and 'breaching the peace' (hah!) Tommy Robinson was arrested and almost in the same breath sentenced to THIRTEEN months in the slammer. This has got nothing to do with 'justice'. It's got everything to do with silencing the next Tommy Robinsons & acolytes. I am reminded of Mark Steyn's ordeal with the fraud Michael Mann, a case now entering its, what? Sixth year? As Mr Steyn is wont to say, the purpose of mangling quintessentially decent citizens, who have the audacity to state the obvious, through legal hell is instilling fear: "the process is the punishment".

We should ALL do our damnedest best to instill fear instead in scoundrels like "judge" Geoffrey Marson.

As always, spread this story wide and far. If you don't, you ultimately have a bleak future of cowering in a corner to expect.


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