Tuesday, April 17, 2018


For the second day in a row, heavy riots between French police and muslim mobs in Le Mirail, a multicultural neighborhood in Toulouse, France.

The riots started a couple of days ago when Police ordered a woman to remove her niqab for identification. When she refused, Police tried to apprehend her and guide her to the local bureau. The bruhaha she made alerted the heavily muslim neighborhood and in the blink of an eye a mob formed, attacking the police. The riots escalated.

Yesterday François Desouche reported the following:

"Les premiers heurts ont éclaté dans le quartier de Bellefontaine ce lundi soir. Selon la police, des « tirs de mortier » ont été lancés depuis des appartements en coursive. Les policiers ont répliqué par des tirs de grenades et de bombes lacrymogènes. Une barricade est actuellement en flammes rue Paul Gauguin. Plusieurs voitures sont actuellement en flammes dans le quartier. "


"The first clashes occurred in the Bellefontaine quarter monday evening. According to the police, "mortar shots" were observed from apartment buildings. Police reacted by shooting grenades and launcing tear gas bombs. A barricade is in flames in the Rue Paul Gauguin. Several vehicles are burning in this quarter."

As things stand now, Tuesday 17 April at noon, there's talk of 25 vehicles set on fire and 18 arrests.

A taste of what is to come Europewide, courtesy the red and green traitors in our midst and their de facto allies in the traditional parties.


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