Saturday, March 10, 2018


I have discovered an Anti-Le Grand Remplacement French site, it's called Réseau Libre (somewhat loosely translated as Free Network).

The following is a post dealing with the occupation of a 70-bed home for the elderly in the Atlantic city of Nantes:

"Avec l’active collaboration des associations pro-vermine, les babouins s’emparent d’une maison de retraite à Nantes. On notera que la police est rapidement arrivée sur place jeudi, a observé puis…. est repartie. Aussitôt les babouins sont arrivés en nombre dans cet immeuble doté de 70 chambres individuelles, cuisine complète, etc etc et doté de toutes les commodités.

Johanna Rolland, la salope pro-gnoule maire PS de Nantes et présidente de Nantes Métropole, a affirmé avoir décidé de ne pas demander le recours de la force publique car «il n’y aura pas d’évacuation jusqu’à la fin de la trêve hivernale». Notons que cette vieille pute est déjà dans le « Racailloscope » de Réseau Libre."


"With the active collaboration of pro-vermin associations, the baboons invaded and occupied a home for the elderly in Nantes. One will notice that police arrived quickly on the scene Thursday, observed the situation... and went away. Soon the baboons arrived in great number in this building with 70 individual rooms, a complete kitchen, etc etc and equipped with all commodities.

Johanna Rolland, the pro-vermin Parti Socialiste bitch [serving as] mayor of Nantes and chairwoman of Nantes metropolis, has confirmed that there will be no resorting to the use of force [to remove the squatters, MFBB] because "there will be no evacuation until the end of the winter respite". Notice that this old (expletive) has been for some time in Réseau Libre's "Racailloscope"."

I provide some stills from the video:

The breakdown of public order cannot be tolerated. If it takes guys and gals using stronger language than grandma would approve of, so be it. On this blog I have myself used coarse language time and again, and will continue to do so, and I'm not taking anything back. Because part of the problem is that we seem to have lost the ability to get real angry, and this attitude, or the lack thereof, is exactly what emboldens this scum.

Don't come whining that these people have the right to take these premises because otherwise they wouldn't have a roof over their heads in winter. That's bool. They shouldn't be here in the first place. The behaviour on display is a telling hint of the mechanisms which have led to their countries of originbecoming, and staying, shitholes. To expect this unruly mob to become model citizens here when they couldn't be model citizens over there is the height of folly.

If you think RL's language is hate speech, and there's some reason to think of that that way, ask yourself who is responsible for it in the first place. Go take a look at their homepage and try to put yourself in their place:

They all seem twentysomethings and they all feel betrayed by the French government, and with reason. If it's OK for our moral betters to feel indignation over the fact that for some 50 to 60 years small contingents of westerners colonized entire peoples on other continents, then Jean-Marie, Christine, Philippe and Sophie have every right to feel the same indignation over the reverse process, because that's what it amounts to.

You can understand their indignation even more when you consider that, say, the Indians, numbering perhaps 400 million, had to "endure" the presence of a mere 25,000 or so Brits who NEVER had the intention to replace the locals and, when they called it quits, left behind a road network, basic infrastructure with decent schools and hospitals, a functioning judiciary and what not, and guess what, at the end of it India was still populated by Indians. BY CONTRAST, the reverse colonization those 'Bio-Frenchmen and -women' are witnessing is one that will FOREVER change the very nature and face of la douce France... and what THESE colonists will leave behind when they are done... well, you get the picture. India stayed India, and was better for it. France will not stay France, and will be infinitely worse. The young people of Réseau Libre feel that their future is being taken away. One cannot blame them for using the French equivalent of the F-word. Au contraire.


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