Saturday, March 10, 2018


Maria McKee with Sweetest Child.

Singer/songwriter from LA/CA, ex Lone Justice.

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band with Main Street. Album Night Moves (1977).

Aaaahhh... Brings a smile to your face!

Luka Bloom with Rescue Mission. Album Riverside (1990).

Irish singer/songwriter, real name Kevin Barry Moore, from County Kildare in Ireland. The 'Luka' is a nod to Suzanne Vega's song. 'Bloom' is from Leopold Bloom, the main character in James Joyce's Ulysses.

Yes with Owner of a Lonely Heart. Album 90215 (1983).

English progrock band formed in London FIFTY years ago around Jon Anderson, still around despite a hiccup or two.

All of these songs have been featured before on DowneastBlog because I can't find my thing in contemporary stuff anymore - is it just me, but it's so hard to find good material. Dunno what's wrong with the current music scene and it's not that I'm a dinosaur (well okay, maybe a little one), but I fail to discern promising bands. Even the ones who seem to be getting off with good material peter out after a few good songs, like Tame Impala. Is it because all the Spotify and other nonsense have cut off the money flow to new bands? Or is it because milennials suck in just about everything? Or a combination of the two? If anyone has suggestions, spill please.



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