Monday, March 26, 2018


Our buddies at Gates of Vienna have another telling video up with the testimony of Susanne Wiesinger, a Viennese middle school teacher:

This is the transcript:

00:00 You can notice the day’s struggle by Susanne Wiesinger, and also the relief.
00:05 She became very popular with other teachers for her honest words concerning
00:08 the growing influence of Islam in Vienna schools. —All of them were very emotional
00:11 and very happy. Some also said:
00:20 “It’s a shame I don’t dare do that.” They would also like to say it.
00:25 but they don’t dare, for all possible reasons.
00:35 This was the biggest mistake that we made,
00:40 that we completely entrusted a failed integration to the FPÖ [Freedom Party, right-wing].
00:45 And I also understood from talks today
00:50 that we don’t really SEE what mistakes we made.
00:55 Because we are too much invested in party politics.
01:00 I hope
01:05 that one day we’ll have more courage, and that we lose our vanity.
01:10 While the School Authority would like to leave the uncomfortable subject behind
01:14 as soon as possible, the 53-year-old teacher hopes that
01:18 from now on the problems of Muslim students will be
01:21 discussed often and tackled seriously. The silence has to end at last.
01:26 I believe the most important thing is to take it out of the media as soon as possible.
01:31 I’m under the impression, a very strong impression, that all will be well now.
01:36 And that I don’t have to speak out anymore.
01:41 It’s better if others take over,
01:46 or that I should remove myself from the line of fire.
01:49 Before her going public there was supposed to be
01:56 a discussion with Vienna State School Councilor Heinrich Himmer.
02:01 However, Susanne Wiesinger doesn’t believe that it will ever happen,
02:04 even though right now there’s a great need for talking.

The lady is rather optimistic as to the chances that this matter will from now on be discussed more openly. More at "IN A CLASS OF 25 CHILDREN, 21 MUST BE INTEGRATED."

"Eine Lehrerin aus Wien berichtet über große Probleme mit muslimischen Schülern. Diese interessierten sich mehr für ihren Glauben als für den Unterricht. Die Wiener Schulbehörde widerspricht der Frau aus der sozialdemokratischen Lehrergewerkschaft."


"A teacher from Vienna reports on huge problems with muslim pupils. These are more interested in their faith than in the courses taught. The director and staff of the school in question deny what the teacher, a member of a social democrat teacher's union, is saying."

Of course they do, the coward dhimmis.

If, God forbid, this insanity ever metastizes in its final gory endpoint, the Austrians won't be able to say 'Wir haben es nicht gewusst.'


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