Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Via François Desouche, a report on Castel Volturno in Italy. I'm sorry I can't find the time to translate or provide subtitles, but the images speak for themselves:

Castel Volturno is a Naples suburb and has become a symbol of the forthcoming elections. This city of 30,000 'boasts' around 20,000 migrants. The state has promised 21 million EUR "for security and integration".

The city has fallen prey to marauding Nigerian gangs and throngs of African illegals. Life must be hell for the authochtons.

Those 21 million EUR could be put to much better use for the Italians themselves. But that is not going to be. They will be spent for tasks which WOULDN'T be necessary - "security" and "integration" - if only Europe's powers-that-be had had the backbone to protect the European borders. Not only that, but they will even be spent in vain - for there is no solving the crime problem anymore unless you deploy the army, and there's simply no integrating people who have actually brought Africa with them.

But then I guess this flood from across the Med and from the ME is all part of a sinister scheme to supplement, and if necessary replace, Europe's ageing and dwindling population.


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