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Gates of Vienna has the goods on this sad state of affairs via a certain Anton, who translated the video for subtitling by Vlad Tepes. The text below is Anton's introduction:

"Germany, supposedly one of the richest and most industrial nations in the world, has spent around 185 billion dollars in the last years alone importing predominantly young Muslim illiterates from Asia, the Middle East and Africa into its welfare system.

As viewers of this website know, Sharia law is creeping into everyday German life as Chancellor Angela Merkel executes her plan “an experiment to transform her country from a monolithic, mono-cultural society into a multicultural, multi-ethnic one”.

Germany’s naval ships have picked up hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants on the Africa coast, a result of the irresponsible birth rates and youth bulge in Arabia, Asia and Africa. They are delivered to Italy and often travel illegally to Germany, causing chaos and mayhem reminiscent to scenes of the great orc army in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

At home in Germany, the indigenous population are being forced out of the city centers due to high crime rates, stabbings, murders and gang rapes.

Housing has become too expensive for the Germans who have to finance their rental apartments themselves, whereas Merkel’s new pets are given government housing, free medical care, including free taxis to the doctors, dentistry, hospital care, transport, TV, Internet, telephone, food and clothing.

Germany’s soup kitchens are now forced to turn away these migrants, who account for 75% of all visitors — despite never having worked in Germany, and despite receiving the “Refugees Welcome” all-inclusive state welfare benefits.

The retired older German population meanwhile struggles to stay alive on low state pensions of often less than 800 USD each month, and need the soup kitchens to stay alive. Meanwhile young Muslim men of fighting age often cost 8000 USD per month, and pretend to be children, rape and murder schoolchildren, and are housed in expensive housing normally reserved for the well-to-do.

This soup kitchen in the northern German town of Essen is forced to close its doors due to the violent behavior of these orcs, who scream in Arabic and African dialects, push, hit and threaten the old widows who stand in line for some partly rotten vegetables.

The socialist left and the Greens hurl racism accusations at the many volunteers who freely gather and share whatever the supermarkets throw away.

And the many scared, poor old widows, the weakest of society’s weak, whose only outside contact is in the weekly queue a the soup kitchen, stay away, remain home alone and go hungry."

Here's the vid:

And here the transcript:

00:00 For the time being, the soup kitchen in Essen only wants to accept Germans as new customers.
00:05 The reason? As a result of the influx of refugees in 2015,
00:09 the non-profit association has seen increased demand.
00:13 Most recently, non-German visitors accounted for 75 percent.
00:17 Older ladies and single mothers have been frightened away by foreign-speaking young men.
00:23 The chairman of the association, Jörg Sartor, assumes that a squeezing-out process has taken place.
00:29 We have noticed that people feel uncomfortable when they are standing in line.
00:37 I do not want to say that they are afraid, that would be exaggerated.
00:41 But they feel uncomfortable because they also come here to communicate with their peers.
00:52 And it unfortunately doesn’t work like this anymore.
00:55 Because a number of, let’s say, non-German-speakers
00:59 are perhaps not so humanely considerate towards women.
01:04 And this especially has increased. A total of 1,800 entitlement cards
01:09 are handed out the needy. And are used in many cases by several people.
01:14 For example, the proportion of non-German cardholders is at 61 percent.
01:18 However, to some extent they feed additional family members.

François Desouche reports on the same story:

Danke, Frau Merkel, danke!


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