Friday, July 21, 2017


Once again sorry for the light blogging, awful lot to do lately, business has been exceptionally tough this year. Yet here's a tidbit I wouldn't want to deny you. Via De Standaard, which is happy to report:

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"After the Swedish music festival Bråvalla quits after an epidemic of sexual violence against women, plans are being prepared to organize a women-only festival 'until men behave'.

'What do you (gals) think about organizing a very cool festival where only women are welcome until all men have learned how to behave themselves?' Swedish radio presenter and comedian Emma Knyckare posted this message on Twitter after it was announced that the well-known Swedish music festival Bråvalla would stop after cases of sexual harassment against women?"

Silly talk like that from a Swedish brainless twat reminds me of an Ann Coulter anecdote with which she perfectly nailed the PC dogmas nixing ethnic/religious profiling in airports. It went a bit like this:

Officials scrutinizing studiously the robes of an eighty year old quadriplegic nun while not batting an eye when suspiciously behaving Somali twentysomethings breeze by, are a bit like the drunk who's looking for his car keys on his hands and knees in the light cone of a streetlamp. A passerby asks the drunk: "Did you lose your keys here?" whereupon the drunk replies " no. wazzn't... here. But o'er here... zhe light iz better... hips!..°*°°"....

Madam Emma Knyckare is that drunk. The problem isn't authochton Swedish men. The likes of Emma Knyckare sliced their balls off decades ago. The problem is 200,000 plus MUSLIM men which were allowed to invade the World's "Humanitarian Superpower". Yet Knyckare and Co refuse to face reality, refuse to differentiate between a born and bred male Swede and a "new" Swede from Mogadishu.

The problem is obvious to everyone possessing at least a 1-digit IQ. The perpetrators, the guys who are groping for female genitalia, are Middle Eastern or North African men. It's NOT Lars and it's NOT Dag and it's NOT Bjorn and it ain't Benny either, for that matter.

But the solution of a Swedish feminist is taking away THEIR music festival - after they took away their masculinity first.

Good luck with that.


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