Sunday, June 04, 2017


Londoners, YOU preferred the blessings of the multicultural society. YOU elected Sadiq Khan. Don't come whining.

Mark Steyn weighs in, and as per usual, he nails it:

Belgian daily De Standaard has already managed to give a forum to the umpteenth islam apologist. While the dead were carted off to the mortuary, they tripped over each other's feet to open another can of cuddle muslims and pulled out a 'writer and choreographer', a fella by the name of Ish Ait Hamou. In the De Standaard article, Mr Hamou elaborates on the Open Letter he wrote on his Facebook page to one of the terrorists, opining that "You wanted to be a hero, but you will be remembered as a coward". Er, no, Mr Hamou. You got it exactly assbackwards. The terrs were cowards, but they will be remembered, at least by the overwhelming majority of the muslim community, as heroes:

 photo ish_ait_hamou_bullshit_zps1tjhggqw.jpg

'Writer and choreographer Ish Ait Hamou has, on his Facebook page, reacted to the attack in London with a letter directed at the terrorist. 'Every time I see your last deed or hear your last word, I always have to think of your beginnings. What happened to you?'

There follows a long, toe-curling diatribe where the 'writer' does his utmost best to bore us to death by stacking one teary-eyed platitude upon another. I must admit, he almost succeeded, which would have made Outlaw de facto the eighth victim of this latest reaching out project of the religion of pieces.

Luckily, I am made of sterner stuff than your average De Standaard editor, and I have now recovered enough to offer an eloquent answer to Mr Hamou's question: "What happened to you?"

It's quite simple, asshole. ISLAM happened to him.

And until sufficient people understand that it's ISLAM that drives people to commit these heinous crimes, we are in for the next slaughter. And the next. And the one after that. And on and on and on.

We can conclude that at De Standaard, they again have learned NOTHING.

And I hate to say it, but neither has the UK government.

It's 2am here on Monday morning. Prepare, oh dear reader, for a barrage of tweets of our beloved Euro leaders and politicians tomorrow in which they express their shock at this terrible, ah, incident; their solidarity with the victims and their relatives; their gratitude and respect for the security and first aid services; and their absolute commitment to 'stand firm and united'.

I think I will puke in advance. My advice if tomorrow you see an idiot heading for the crime scene, carrying a teddy bear and a candle?

Punch him/her/it to the ground. Make it hurt. Does that qualify as hate speech, Chief Turd Constable of Greater Manchester Ian Hopkins? GOOD.

Pray for the victims and their relatives.


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