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Against the backdrop of all the political and military upheaval and tremendous turmoil the world is witnessing, the following story may seem but a fait divers. Unfortunately, it is not. It's a study in microcosm of the silent transformation taking place all over the western world, a transformation the MSM does it utmost best to keep under wraps. But now and then a story like this seeps through - even though, in this case, it's in a regional chapter of Het Laatste Nieuws.

Omen of things to come:

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"On a De Lijn bus [De Lijn, lit. The Line, Flemish public bus transportation company - MFBB] a 14 year old girl received a hard blow against the head from someone among a large group of allochthon youths. She called her father, who right away took his car, managed to trace the bus, and blocked it. The youths could escape however, since the bus driver opened the rear doors out of fear for trouble.

by Kristof Pieters

It happened on the Grote Markt in Beveren, in the province of East Flanders. Xena Moessens (14) had boarded the bus at her home in the town of Moerbeke and was on her way to her father's house in Melsele. "There was almost no one on the bus, but when it passed public swimming pool The Mermaids in the Pastoor Steenssensstraat a large group of allochthon youths came on board. They numbered around forty, aged between 12 and 15, and they had apparently taken a day off to the swimming pool after which they were now headed towards Antwerp again. I was simply looking out the window when I received a hard blow against my head. I turned around and asked them why they had hit me. They didn't answer. I then took a seat in the front of the bus. I had become frightened however and did not dare to get out anymore. I was afraid they would give chase. That's why I called my father from the bus and explained what had happened."

Afraid of all the bruhaha

Robert Moenssens is a dockworker and had just gone to sleep after a night shift. "After my daughter's telephone I jumped out of my bed and drove right away to bus stop Pultina in Melsele to stop the bus. I told the driver that he had to call the police, because someone hit my daughter. The man opened the rear doors however and said that I should stop them myself. He was very afraid that the gang would otherwise wreak havoc. I addressed the group of youths and asked who had hit my daughter, but they ran in all directions. Police arrived shortly thereafter and gave chase immediately, without result however. There is now a complaint against unknowns. Police did promise to ask for the bus's camera images.

Robert called for witnesses on Facebook and immediately got a lot of incensed reactions. "Apparently it's not the sole case", he concludes. "Just like in recreational domain De Ster large groups of youths from Antwerp are causing a lot of disturbance in swimming pool The Mermaids. I hope actions will be taken to stop this. My daugher barely dares to take the bus anymore and is completely traumatized. She now has a bulge and a headache, but next time it could be worse."

Several conclusions can be drawn from this story:

a.) an ordinary bus in Flanders, which is boarded by a single white girl and around forty moroccan youths: voilà in a nutshell an efficient illustration of the truly ca-ta-stro-phic demographical evolution the West is witnessing. Authochton women are barren, with a typical Belgian woman rearing perhaps 1.3 or 1.35 children, while her allochton counterpart, more often than not reduced to a stupid breeding hen, produces at least 3 or 4, often 5. It does of course not help that the media, the cultural sector, gossip magazines and soaps are projecting day in day out the virtues of the gay lifestyle. There's not a soap anymore in which 'sympathetic' gay characters don't figure.

b.) The girl "left her home in Moerbeke and was on her way to her father's house in Melsele": we can conclude that Xena's parents are either divorced or at least no longer live together. This, too, is a telling illustration: very large percentages of authochton children have divorced parents or, when they weren't married in the first place, parents who have separated. The model of the family as the cornerstone of society has received severe blows, and one of the main factors in this sorry development is the war the left has been waging against the traditional family.

c.) The bus driver's coward reaction, which boils down to lying low until the storm passes, is typical of the majority of authochton Belgians. The brave reaction of Mr Moessens - reacting with vigour and determination to muslim scumbags assaulting his offspring, is heartening - until you read that the reactions he gets via Facebook hint at a far larger number of similar cases whereby the parents of the assaulted teens did nothing

d.) Of note is also that IF a single authochton individual is directly confronting a mob of aggressive muslims, the latter suddenly turn tail. This gives hope that in the event of a civil war, numbers will not be the only factor. A critical mass of determined Whites will always be able to gain the upper hand against large feral mobs of low IQ adversaries.

It all does not bode well for the future, and future generations of authochton men and women can expect increasing levels of hostility and aggression. It is therefore advised that Whites learn at least self-defence techniques, as well as how to use weapons efficiently.


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