Sunday, October 30, 2016


PI News reports that the Educational Ministry in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein's capital [Schleswig-Holstein is one of 16 federal regions, or Laender in German; MFBB] has decreed that mosque visits for high school students are compulsory:

 photo Kiel_mosque_visit_compulsory_2016_zpsp0kldc8m.jpg

"In the case of the Rendsburger pupil, whose parents were fined for 300 EUR, because they refused to let their son visit a mosque during school classes World Orientation, there is now a shocking stance from the Educational Ministry in Kiel. It has stated that students have the obligation to visit a mosque, in the framework of Geography classes. Some other course or event in a parallel class will not be accepted. The Ministry justifies the verdict by referring to "the quintessential pedagogical purpose conform § 4 Abs. 6 Satz 1 SchulG (School Law) of Schleswig-Holstein": the school shall promote 'the openness of young people vis-à-vis cultural and religious diversity, the will to understand other peoples, and a capacity for living peaceful.' (von L.S. Gabriel)

In this particular case the mosque in question belongs to the islamo-fascistic Milli Görüs movement, which is hostile towards the Constitution. The ministry downplayed this caveat by stating that security services in their 2015 report referred to Milli Görüs "only in a footnote", because it considered 'not all the branches [of the MG movement - MFBB] - as "hostile to the Constitution" anymore, SHZ reported."

In other words, the "Verfassungsschutz" published a Load of Crap, which comes in handily for the multiculti goons at the Educational Ministry in Kiel to force a mosque visit upon Hans, Gretchen, Kurt and Monika, preferably one with salafist backers, so that they can learn firsthand how wonderful the islamic religion is.

I will tell you one thing: if my children ever receive news from their school that a mosque visit is planned, I will personally make sure that DOES NOT HAPPEN.

And I am prepared to use physical violence if that is necessary.

Everything our children need to know about islam they can learn from the non-MSM news, and it ain't pretty.


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