Thursday, October 27, 2016


Via HLN, another leftist rag with impeccable progressive credentials, which is nonetheless compelled to face the harsh truth: muslims cannot integrate in civilized societies. This happened on or around 14 October in Ghent, Belgium:

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"Sofie Bracke, town selectwoman in Ghent, stood perplexed yesterday when she wanted to consecrate a marriage. The islamic bridegroom refused to shake her hand. "Because you are a woman", he said. Bracke then quickly continued with the ceremony and afterwards reproached him.

At least 50 couples make their appearance in the wedding hall of Ghent's Town Hall. Couples of every age or origin. "Naturally I'm always very friendly upon meeting these people, after all it is their day", says town selectwoman for Civil Matters Sofie Bracke (Open VLD). "Yesterday there was a bridegroom - Belgian nationality, a thick black beard, a long djellaba, with alongside him his future wife, veiled. As always I greet them heartily when I enter. But the bridegroom ostentatively refuses my hand and mumbles: 'I cannot shake your hand. I only give my own wife a hand.' The bride looked at the ground and kept silent."

Sofie Bracke is just one in a legion of enthusiastic multiculti supporters. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that she wouldn't be as nice to a couple of Vlaams Belang members wanting to tie the knot, but she did have a brilliant smile ready to greet a couple of paedophile worshippers.

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall then and there, when starry eyed Madam Bracke willed herself to reach out with exuberant friendliness to a djellaba clad asshole and his brainless twat of a wife whose principal task from now on will be to breed like a rabbit. "Willed herself", yes indeed, cause I'm sure until the last moment this stupid woman just WANTED to believe that we can all live happily together, isn't it, the gays and the transgenders and the fiery imams and the handicapped blacks and the lesbians and what not.

And then reality bit her in the ass.

But don't count on common sense getting the upper hand anytime soon.

Because Ghent, pop. around 260,000, is 14 per cent muslim already, and this percentage is rapidly growing, courtesy the tremendous fecundity in muslim families, where women are often not allowed to work. What they are allowed to do is lie back, think of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco and jihad, and open their legs wide.

In due time, they receive so much welfare in child support that they gain more - MORE, I tell you - than a western wife with two kids who does a part time or even a full job! We are litterally financing our own destruction.

Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN) was eager to report that Sofie Bracke, after the ceremony, lambasted the muslim bridegroom ("ze gaf hem zijn vet"). Oh please, don't make me laugh (green). She may have snapped something about how this is not done here, but that will have been it. And in a couple of years, as more and more djellabas and veiled women will make their appearance in the wedding hall of Ghent's Town Hall, spineless officials will quietly arrange for a male town representative to "consecrate" the wedding. Because after all, why make such a fuss when you can so easily avoid it, right?

And so it will go on, and on, and on, remorselessly and relentlessly.

In one generation, at least a third of Ghent's town selectmen will be muslim, and bruhaha like an infidel whore being upset at not getting a handshake in return, will be something from the past.

If there is but a tiny morsel of justice left in this world, then one day all lunatic politicians who installed the Third World and a 7th century murderous moon cult in our beautiful lands will pay their fair share.


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