Saturday, October 22, 2016


Omen of things to come. Meet Mees van der Lichte, a thirteen year old boy who was the only white pupil in a Dutch school and who was pestered away.

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"He was scolded for cheesehead, cunt-Dutch and always sat alone in the canteen. Mees (13) from Amsterdam-North was the only white kid in the school. "I tried, but finally it really was impossible."

Mees lasted two months, but it didn't work. "I feel better now. Right now there's autumn holiday and next week I start in my new school. I'm looking forward to it", he says.

Actually the student is not very talkative re his experiences of the last two months. Except that he tried everything to be accepted, but that it did not work out. "After summer I started at the Waterlant College in Amsterdam-North. I was the only white kid. Many of my classmates did not speak Dutch. I was always alone between school hours. I wasn't accepted."


Mees had gotten a VMBO advice from base school. He could choose between Clusius College and Waterlant. Peter van der Liche, Mees' father, continues: "Mees wanted to go to Waterlant because there's a sports division there. And the building was brand new. It seemed like the best school for all of us. All the more after the Open Day."

But during the Open Day it had been clear that there were a lot of colored kids on the school. "During the intake they did not tell us that Mees would be the only white kid on school. If we had known that, we had perhaps chosen differently. That I hold against them."

Memo to van der Lichte sr: Sir, from your comments I do suspect that you are still clueless re what's going on in your country. For the benefit of your son's children - provided he is not persuaded by the socialists and the greens to go in search for his feminine side or change his sex - vote Geert Wilders. Take it from moi.

You can thank all the crazy leftist and green nutters for this. Plus their willing accomplices in all the other parties, in the educational sector, the cultural sector, and the media. This is what happens when you import the Third World en masse in a civilized society.

For what seems like aeons we have been told that we must - MUST, I tell you, embrace multiculturalism. All them others would bring unimaginable cultural enrichment and more fairness in our hateful racist xenophobic all-white societies.

Guess what? Even if we do not adress the benefits of clitoridectomies or not washing your hands after a visit to the crapper, clearly the "others" are far more racist and xenophobic than us. Thank God that it was Whites who invented the machinegun and the H-bomb, or humanity would be distant history by now. We do have our faults and sins, but they are tempered by Christianity and Humanism. We made grievous errors, but we rectified them from within.

Don't count on something similar when, God forbid, the non-whites take over.

And sheesh, I'm willing to bet that among the multiculti goons who brought the multiculti disaster upon us there's a rather sizeable part that's actually quite resigned (perhaps pleased?) about this development, because they see it as a rightful "payback" for all of Earth's poor non-whites who have been so terribly oppressed by the white invaders. Godforsaken lunatics.

Anyway, if you are White, start learning to defend yourself. Guns, knives, boxing, whatever. Just make sure you are prepared when it's no longer sufficient for the savages to merely call you a kuthollander.


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