Sunday, July 24, 2016


The incomparable Paul Joseph Watson, a British libertarian activist and collaborator of Infowars, nails it:

Nos précieux amis français - all three of them - vont certainement apprécier le soustitrage.

And as I am typing this, I just learned that another innocent German citizen - a pregnant woman - fell prey to a Syrian "refugee" who hacked her to death. This was in the town of Reutlingen. Two other people were wounded before the Culture Enricher could be stopped.

More details have emerged re the Muenchen killer, Ali Sonboly. The Luegenpresse in both Germany and my country were desperate to pin the killing spree on Breivik, and by all means tried to avoid any link whatsoever to islam. In the meantime however, the guy seems to have been bullied by his Turkish classmates for years on end. While this can happen anytime and anywhere and between Peter and Paul, it is highly unlikely that the enmity between Turkish sunnis and Iranian shiites would not have played a role. Yeah, don't give me that crap about his parents. It's just that if an eyewitness emphatically states that he did yell "Allahu Akbar", I fail to understand why the Breivik meme has to be repeated over and over and over again. The latest is that he got help from a 16 year old Afghan, who's telling the police all kinds of contradictory nonsense...

... in other words, the islamic angle in the Muenchen killings is getting more and more obvious.

Pathetic also was De Standaard's coverage, when it eagerly printed Iran's reaction. It seems the Iranian government has urged that the international community cooperate more against terrorism!

Which is fantastically rich, given that Iran itself is one of the biggest terrorism sponsors and the Iranian government is involved in the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, which killed 85 and wounded hundreds of others.

But don't expect De Standaard to offer their readers that angle.


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