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Via PI-News:

"Will Merkel tomorrow, on March 7, 2016, during the so-called EU-Turkey summit, sell 500 million Europeans to Turkey? With her pointless plan, "saddling" Turkey with the task to stem the migrant flow for which muslims are responsible themselves, the German Chancellor is completely rendering herself subordinate to Sultan Erdogan. Who is this person, who is prepared to turn a blind eye to the terrible human rights abuses in Turkey?"

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It is astounding - no, actually it is not - that our MSM pay barely attention to this potentially CATASTROPHIC summit. Merkel will go there with a proposal doctored by the German EU "Kommissar" Günther Oettinger, a proposal which boils down to EU taxpayers coughing up 7 billion EUR yearly in exchange for Turkey stopping the flow of "refugees" AND allowing all Turks to enter the EU without visas!

The completely faulty rationale behind this crock of a plan, its ramifications for Europe, the shady mechanisms behind it, the scandalous smoke curtains our media are pulling up lest the man in the street realizes how he's being thrown for the wolves is astounding.

First off, that the Middle East, and Iraq and Syria in particular, is in turmoil, resulting in war and refugees, is a crisis of islam's own making, since that belief system is utterly incapable of offering its followers a peaceful, just and prosperous society. Islam means hate and backwardness, and nothing good can come out of it.

Secondly, Turkey has, under the West's nose, played a double game. On the one hand, it allows ISIS oil trafficking, thereby ensuring it a steady income. On the other hand, until now it has done NOTHING to stop the flow of "refugees" to Europe, quite the contrary: by offering millions of muslims fleeing a chaos of their own making a highway to the EU, Turkey is de facto fulfilling a pivotal role in ISIS' plan to destabilize Europe.

And what is Europe's reaction? A complete failure to seal off its borders and offering Turkey money to stop the flow while it's an open secret they have no intention to do it.

To add insult to injury, the gullible EU "elites" are now even willing to step up the yearly EU stipends to 7 billion EUR, money which will be used, dixit Erdogan, to "build a city in northern Syria to contain the refugees"!

If Merkel and Co. are pushing this plan through, they quite frankly deserve to be shot. For this "Refugee City" for which the EU taxpayers will pay handily, will only be an excuse for Turkey to reclaim territory lost post World War I.

In short, if Oettinger's plan is implemented, this is what will happen:

* The EU will pay 7 billion EUR of European citizens' taxpayer money to Turkey.
* Erdogan, who plays Merkel and the EU like a violin, will not make good on his part of the "deal", i.e. stop the "refugee" flow. He got three billion EUR last autumn, and the tidal wave has only increased. By now Erdogan has given such ample proof of his neo-Ottoman imperalism and religious zeal that if you believe he will stop the flow, I have a bridge across the Bosphorus to sell you.
* What he WILL do with the money is use 0.00000001 per cent of it to erect some tents in northern Syria and use the rest to consolidate his country's claims on lands over which his forebears ruled for centuries.
* to top it all off, as part of the deal, 80 million Turks will be free to enter the EU without visas, thereby hastening Europe's islamization even more.

Merkel/Oettinger's plan thus means that Europeans will pay truckloads of money for getting screwed three times!!!

Not surprisingly, you will find NOTHING of this crucial EU/Turkey "summit" and it's potentially horrific consequences (for EU citizens) in leftist rag "De Standaard" - except that indeed they helpfully mention in passing that "Erdogan wants to build a Refugee City in Syria"!!!!! Oh what a nice man!

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"Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched a proposal to build in Syria's north a city to shelter a part of the people fleeing the war's violence. "What is the solution? We build a city in the north of Syria [...] to offer accommodations again to refugees", Erdogan said on Friday, according to Turkish state press bureau Anadolu. "This city can become a reality with support of the international community at Turkey's border." Erdogan says that regarding this matter, he already had talks with his American counterpart Barack Obama, and that a location has even been determined, but that the project isn't ready yet. How much time would be needed, Erdogan didn't say."

This is not even bad journalism anymore, it's nonsense, lies, deceit and incompetence all mixed together.

However, De Standaard does offer more insight when it comes to Trump! DS editors were eager to quote German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who said last week that "TRUMP IS A DANGER FOR PEACE AND PROGRESS".

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"Donald Trump does not differ from European rightwing populists like Marine Le Pen or Geert Wilders, opines German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. "They all promise a return to a fairy world".

This is actually amazing. A-MA-ZING. Sigmar Gabriel, Angela Merkel, Guy Verhofstadt, Martin Schulz, Claude Juncker, all of them usual suspects would actually like to let Erdogan's Turkey JOIN the EU. Even if Erdogan is a barely disguised - no, make that openly - islamist, and has facilitated in no small part ISIS's plans to flood Europe with "refugees" to destabilize it. That this will have profound and devastating consequences has been apparent - especially in Germany!!! - since last autumn.

Now here is an American presidential candidate who claims that he will effectively PROTECT HIS COUNTRY'S BORDERS - something the EU has majestically failed to do thus far.

And he is labeled a "DANGER FOR PEACE AND PROGRESS"!!!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is selling ISIS oil and giving European jihadists a free ride to the calpihate, and who last week RAIDED TURKISH NEWSPAPER ZAMAN, a rare beacon of opposition to Erdogan's authoritarian regime, only to fill Zaman's offices with his cronies, that Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose heels Merkel will lick tomorrow...


If you still have to stomach for it, read Katie Hopkins' take on the insanity that's rampant among Europe's "elites".

I can't take it anymore.


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