Sunday, January 17, 2016


Again, via our friends over at Gates of Vienna, an interesting video shot in Milan. Following New Year’s Eve's groping jihad in Cologne, Italian TV program La Gabbia (“The Cage”) programmed an emission titled: “Muslims: Women Without the Veil Are Not to Be Respected”. La Gabbia's producers sent a reporter dressed in jeans and high heels to several mosques to engage Muslim men and ask them how they think women should dress.

Par0 did the translation, Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

How sad that only now some people are finally beginning to understand the ramifications of unchecked muslim immigration. Why is this woman dumbfounded when Lega Nord, Vlaams Belang, Front National, Sverigdemokraterna, Dansk Folkeparti, the PVV et al have for decades been shouting at the top of their lungs about the clear and present danger muslims constitute for our continent?

Even when we are bombarded day in day out with a myriad of signs that the troubles caused by muslims are going crescendo, leftist rag De Standaard finds it necessary to give a forum to an ardent islamic supremacist journalist, a "Dutch" woman no less, Hassnae Bouazza:

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"So the molestations in Cologne have everything to do with islam? And what about sexual violence in Dutch families or on Muenchen's Oktoberfest, reacts Dutch journalist Hassnae Bouazza. "The evil in muslims must be named, but not the racism of the autochtons, because then you demonize Henk and Ingrid".

I don't have the heart nor the time to translate the rest of the piece. Suffice to say it's one long diatribe with the age old characteristically muslim message of victimization. Just the title and two sentences of her story contain already the following obvious misnomers:

a.) With a "blonde hate preacher" she's clearly fingering Geert Wilders. Amazing actually, since the man has been living for about twelve years now surrounded by body guards. Imagine that. Guy almost can't pee without someone looking over his shoulder. Wilders has paid a GIGANTIC price for defending European Civilization: his personal freedom. And here is Hassnae Bouazza calling him a hate preachers, when the real hate preachers can, undisturbed and without fear for physical harm, deliver their messages in The Netherland's countless mosques.

b.) "Sexual violence in Dutch families": another howler. While it is of course true that in a very small minority of authochton families domestic/sexual violence is rampant, women's shelters main "clients" are... muslim women. As for the rights of muslim women between the sheets, well, I can't imagine there's many of them able to deny their husbands sex saying "not today honey I have a headache".

c.) Sexual violence on the Muenchener Oktoberfest: haven't heard about it yet. Any of the readers have info on that, drop me a line.

d.) If there's anything that has been named ad nauseam over the past decades, it IS the "racism" of the autochtons.

At De Standaard, they may finally see the light when the lights go out.


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