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Filip Dewinter is MP for Vlaams Belang in the Belgian Parliament. The following video shows him lambasting the fact that after 60 years (!) of there being a wahhabist Grand Mosque in Brussel, virtually in the city's centre, and after clear evidence that it serves as a hub for spreading salafist ideology throughout Belgium's network of mosques, Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon still thinks a further "enquiry" should be made by State Security as to whether said mosque, under the aegis of Saudi Arabia no less, is really really really spreading hateful messages.

I am so very sorry that I have neiter the time nor the energy to provide subtitling or at least a transcript. But the gist of the story is that in the first part of the story Dewinter asks the Interior Minister to close the wahhabist mosque in the Jubelpark/Cinquantenaire in Brussels. Then Jambon gets up and offers the usual PC drivel, responding that, as part of an 18-point plan, there will be extra monitoring of the mosque and that he ordered State Security to check whether there's really really really hate speeches and distribution of wahhabist ideology and, if so, "the necessary steps will be taken".

Then Dewinter addresses Parliament again showing the audience several publications of salafist "literature" by the mosque's King Fahd publishing organization, some even written in Dutch, AND published by the Grand Mosque, in which it is advised, amongst others in the book "De Weg van de Moslim" (The Way of the Muslim, the red one Dewinter is holding in his hand), to throw homosexuals from high buildings and to stone women accused or suspected of adultery.

Dewinter's message is clear and unequivocal: CLOSE what he rightfully labels a "Hate Palace". At the same time he makes a fool of Jambon for ordering the umpteenth expensive "study" to control what's being issued by the Grand Mosque while he, a simple MP, was able to lay his hands on wahhabist "literature" directly from the mosque's presses (he obtained them from, amongst others, an organization of ex-muslims).

At the very end Dewinter tells Jambon that he does not accept the latter's answer, asks what State Security has done then during sixty years of the mosque spreading the wahhabist message in the heart of Brussels, and that the Grand Mosque MUST BE CLOSED, NOW, TODAY, AND IMMEDIATELY!

 photo filipdewinter_grote_moskee_zpswm3odv7p.jpg

A VB delegation with Filip Dewinter in the middle, in front of the KSA-operated Grand Mosque in the Jubelpark/Cinquantenaire in summer 2012.


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Dymphna said...

The grapevine is saying there was some sort of terrorist "attack"in Belgium. What do you know about this, if anything?

RE videos you think will be of general interest to what is left of the West, pls send them to us and we'll see if our team can do the slog through translating and subtitling. But we have to know they're out there.

RE: Mr. Dewinter...I'm trying to remember the scandal about him that made everyone run away...would you pls send info so that if we do post, then at least we'll know what kind of blowback we'll get.

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I think I'm going to have him post it again. Even though I know the outcome, it's still fascinating...