Saturday, October 17, 2015


Over the past few weeks, there has been a steady increase in Paleostinian attacks on Jews, and the modus operandi for De Standaard has invariably been to only report on Israeli retributions.

Perhaps the most notorious incident involved a madman who crashed his car into people waiting at a bus stop in Jerusalem's Geula neighborhood. Not content with mowing his victims down, he got out and starting hacking away like a complete lunatic at an unfortunate rabbi.

Thank God Israel has no gun free zones, because almost immediately an Israeli could pop the scumbag.

There is a STARK contrast between the sheer lunacy displayed by the terrorist - watch again the explosive frenzy with which he chops away at the poor rabbi's body - and the utter restraint of the Israeli. The Israeli has just witnessed the Palestinian running his compatriots down and butchering the religious man with a meat cleaver. In most of us with balls left, we would possibly empty an entire magazine in the perpetrator. Not so the Israeli: he gives off one shot and spares his life. Further on in the video it is not entirely clear whether the gunman survives or not, is once again shot or whatever. But the cool, professional and humane way with which the man neutralizes the perpetrator is light years away from the insane acts of the latter.

This is definitely a "disproportionate response" - only not in the way the left would love to decry.

So it's these parties who have to come to an accord in the so-called "peace talks": one party reasonable, willing to make grandiose gestures (think the removal of Jewish settlers in the Gaza Strip by the IDF in 2005, manu militari!)... and the other party foaming at the mouth, ululating, shrieking murder, and actually wanting to annihilate the opponent.

Anyway, count on De Standaard to report on this incident.


By contrast - imagine, just imagine that a Jewish settler had plowed his car in a bus stop full of Palestinians, got out, and had started butchering the survivors with a meat cleaver.

Would that perhaps have gotten the attention of the editors at De Standaard?

To ask the question is to answer it.


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